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pm me if you'll consider piecing things out. 
Passed up getting these from blackbird and regretting it. Will consider in olive as well, though I'm really looking for black. 
Hnggggg I want this. Someone do me a favor and buy it so I don't have to.
Up for sale are a pair of buttery black common project court lows in the all black colorway.  There is tons of life left in these shoes-- the soles/stitching are in excellent condition --there's just a few scuffs on the heel and side that warrant a 100$ reduction in their price. Only selling so I have some pocket money for an upcoming trip to the Bay.  Perfect summer kicks, look good. fuck em up, stay punk.    85 shipped CONUS, intnl buyers welcome. 
Nearly everyone's familiar with this piece, I've wanted one forever, but regrettably do not have the right body type for this jacket. It's perfect for spring/summer (much lighterweight grosgrain denim), but can be padded with thin layers for colder temperatures. 225$ usd as gift gets it shipped anywhere in CONUS PICTURES: Measurements from the seller I bought it from "hard to measure this...
These were a gift, and unfortunately they don't work for me in terms of sizing (given APCs propensity to stretch over a period of time). Brand new and unworn (except to try on and then take fit photos)-- these have literally not left my house. Save 50 bucks on a pair and cop these for $125 shipped in CONUS, Paypal as gift or add 4%, etc.    Have sold items on Sufu and have an Ebay store with over 1000+ feedback, as well as purchased plenty of items off of styleforum.
What's the thigh, knee, and opening measurements (if you wouldn't mind)?
ToJ0 Black/Black in 48 for DR/MDR/MOTO or nearly anything in 47 (possibly 46). 
Found this shirt in an old SUFU fit-- anyone know where to cop, can find something similar? The color and the subtlety of pattern is the appeal for me.    The poster labeled it in shorthand as 'as'-- but short of asos, I couldn't think of what company he meant. 
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