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I get my shirts through custom clothiers of Atlanta. They are located near Perimeter on Barfield Road. Shirts are not cheap, but they are made to measure and they have a huge selection of fabrics. When my collars and/ or cuffs wear out, they put new ones on for $30 each. This greatly extends the life of the shirts. I also had some shirts made for me through Guffeys in Buckhead, but I have liked the shirts I got from CCA much better.
I have seen sub $500 pricing on HF from sierratradingpost.com with one of their 30-40% off sale coupons.....   I have not pulled the trigger despite the prices.
Yes, the braces will occasionally be seen. I am a trial lawyer and wear wider braces for what it is worth. Most lawyers wear belts, but I get some positive comments about braces that make me think there are no negatives to wearing them. The only downside to mixing braces and belts is the change in riise of the trousers that affects the preferred length of one's ties, but this is a minor issue.
Yes, thicker braces (suspenders are the clip on type you don't want, braces are the button type you have). The tie in the pic seems a bit long for you.
Thanks much sftiger!  It is new and is a custom jacket.  If you are interested, I can provide details on the cloth.  It was on special and just had it made up.  85% cashmere, 15% silk and very light weight.  It is my first plaid jacket and decided to have a bit of fun so added a ticket pocket, side vented with peak lapels.  :)
Upload did not work from my phone for some reason....  
Today's Hober: bitter chocolate grenadine grossa. Think a slightly lighter brown will work better with this jacket so have ordered a dark chocolate fina to try....
I suspect that the Weston is better made than the C&J, but this is splitting hairs. Both are fine shoes with the Weston leather and sole durability probably a bit better.  If you do a search somewhere there is an excellent Style EX article from Japan that broke down four shoes including G&G, Lobb, Alden, and Weston and the Weston got the highest marks for construction so I am comfortable saying they are as well built as just about any RTW shoes.  For some, the styling is...
I would buy the Weston. I now have four pairs of Weston's and the quality s impeccable. The soles are some of the best in the business (I think they supply Lobb) and he 180 is a timeless design.
Burgundy shoes work with almost anything and might be a good choice for you.
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