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Try Also, I have reached him via Facebook messenger too. Search for roberto ugolini calzature su misura
I cannot say how his shoes compare to Bemer, tho Bemer himself has passed away.  Roberto is a lovely man with which to work and should you be in Florence, he is definitely worth a visit.  I now have four pairs of his shoes with a 5th and 6th on order and my wife is getting a pair of boots soon so that should tell you what I think of him.  The fit has been outstanding tho he feels that a shoe should be just ever so slightly too tight to start so a bit of break in is...
Rats, I am messing up left and right.  It was Daizawaguy who commented negatively on the stitching.  Forgive my error, again.  I find the stitching to be quite acceptable, but that may be due to my igorance/low standards.  In most areas of life, there are points of diminishing return and then of course there are areas of stylistic preference as you point out.  In some shoes, I love English style.  In others, I find it boring.  Similarly, there are Italian shoes that are...
I am not knowledgable enough to compare, but I have paid more for shoes I liked less and the fit has been very good after break in. I gather you don't like what you see of the stitching on my new loafers, but what do you think of my last pair from Ugolini? Anything you find sub par?Pics here:
I stand corrected, it is 45 minutes closer by plane from LA to Tokyo than to Rome. Did not realize that.
The cheapest Japanese pricing you list is slightly more than double Ugolini's pricing for the first pair in a given last and then he is 20% less for subsequent pairs in the same last though with Up charges for boots or shell cordovan or exotics.Also, Ugolini travels every year to Japan and sells quite a lot there. He does not travel to the U.S that I know of, but Florence is easier to get to than Tokyo from the U.S.
Question, are Japanese makers less? I would be surprised if less than Ugolini, but would be curious to know approximate pricing.
Probably a bit ho hum for many here, but I wanted a loafer and had never owned suede so I commissioned a pair of dark blue suede shoes from Roberto Ugolini. The arrived minutes ago so here are a couple of pics:
I will try to remember to upload more pics. Check my posts also as in the "Hardcore" bespoke only thread I posted pics of my second pair. Prices are subject to change, of course, but he was charging 1500 euros for the first pair and 1200 for each subsequent pair on the same last. Price is higher for she'll cordovan and, of course, for exotic leathers. I think add 100 for boots.
Another option for whole cuts in RTW is JM Weston.  I have a pair that I often wear with Tux.  Here are three of their models:
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