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Wore these about a month last fall, maybe not more than 5-10 times. Fits a bit bigger than a size 7.    Still in very good condition as you can tell from pictures.      From Massimo Dutti website:   Cut 100% COW LEATHER Lining 100% GOAT LEATHER Outsole/Sole 10% COW LEATHER90% POLYURETHANE THERMOPLASTIC   Price includes shipping in the CONUS and includes PAYPAL...
 thta's probably where you start. then tweak as necessary. that seems to be the most recommended advice - taking measurements from best fitting pants and going from there.
so if i go the route of pleats, which ones do i want? no idea what single, double, reverse refers to. end of the day i just want a very clean, simple, well fitting look.    plan to increase hips total of 1" - hopefully that won't be too much, or is it too little..
so that's why my pockets are always flared open, especially when i sit down
 lol that's not happening haha. so maybe pleats.  thanks for the suggestions. reason i went for the higher rise is that lower rise pants tend to be harder to fit for me. but i guess given i can customize it, will consider that too.  waiting to hear back from theresa too on thoughts. 
first try on pants. fit pretty well. happy with it as first trial. fits a little bit tight in the top block. any suggestions as to adjustments that should be made? also, notice that when i sit down, the length of the button fly tends to get all crumped up and tends to pull towards the left. not sure if there is any adjustment for that (possibly making the length of the fly shorter?)   thanks in advance.   
any recommendations for fabrics to be used for some nice casual shorts? preferabily <$100
for those with experience, if I'm waiting for an order of pants, if I place an order for shirts, will I  end up having to wait until the pants are done to get everything? or will they ship the shirts first once they are done?
looking to start ordering some pants from luxire. and i'm wondering what the purpose of the lining is? do most people get lining and if so, to the knee or all the way to the bottom? thanks!
are there any test fabrics for making pants? i doubt i'll be able to nail it first time around so looking for the cheapest option. 
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