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i haven't ordered from Luxire for a few months.. but, when did they start adding tax on to the orders?
for anyone who has ordered jeans and asked to prewash the fabric before construction to minimize shrinkage, how much did it actually help? 
what's this watch adjustment you added?
for people who've had both standard cuffs and french cuff shirts -- did you have to adjust any measurements for the french cuff shirts compared to standard 1 button? 
ooh i ordered that one too! damn, where's my shipping notification
@luxire - when will the refunds be issued for the deals from thursday/friday?
  Crazy good deal! Just wondering, how promptly will the refund be processed? Before the payment is actually charged?
all 3 J. Crew sweaters sold
I think wore this maybe 5-10 times in total. Bought last year. Smoke free, no smells, no stains.  Size Small.    Paypal fees and shipping CONUS included. 
Cleaning out closet of sweaters just don't fit me anymore. Price listed is per sweater. Discount for multiple purchased.    banana republic sweaters - $15 light grey - 100% merino wool dark grey - 75% silk / 20% cotton / 5% cashmere   J.Crew all three - 100% merino wool   J. Crew cardigan - 100% lambswool - $28   J. Crew zip up - 95% cotton/5% cashmere - $20   paypal fees and shipping included. 
New Posts  All Forums: