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question for those who have ordered jeans - if you have dialed in your fit on pants in chino and other lighter fabrics, would you adjust those measurements for jeans considering the heavier/thicker denim fabric?
i would imagine it would differ by fabric? cold wash and hang drying is what i do and i've seen minimal, if any at all, shrinkage. 
if you haven't already, i would get some good pictures showing fit, and shoot an email to luxire asking their thoughts. from my experience, usually they have been pretty spot on with adjustments that should be made to improve fit
can anyone who might know explain what "100% Premium Cotton, 50s" means in the fabric description? I'm trying to figure out how light or heavy these fabrics would be, especially compared to oxfords    
Had this pair a bit over a year. As you can see in the pictures, these have been pretty well worn in.Probably about 3-4 washes. Just don't wear these anymore as I've outgrown them.    waist 15.5 thigh 11  rise 9.5 inseam 30.75 leg opening 6.75   Price includes shipping in CONUS and paypal fees. 
Bought these here on the forum. Sent them in to get the crotch area re-inforced. Sent them to Railcar Fine Goods. The white spot on the back right pocket was from a gum incident. No sticky residue but just a white mark leftover.    waist 16 thigh 11.25 rise 9.75 inseam 34 leg opening 6.75   Price includes shipping in CONUS and paypal fees. 
nice boots - what are they?
   very good to know. thanks!
anyone have either the amazon green twill (http://luxire.com/collections/pants-sorted-by-price/products/sr_201_amazon-green-twill) or the hunter green twill (http://luxire.com/products/hunter-green-twll-chino) pants can comment on how accurate the color is on the website?
just got my 2nd iteration on pants. I think the fit is down perfect but have one question - is there anything that can be adjusted to get rid of pockets and fly flaring when seated? or is that just something thats normal?
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