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i had a shirt made in the fabric. its a really light/thin fabric
Cleaning out closet of ties I don't wear / haven't worn. In order from left to right:   1. J. Crew, 2.25" wide. 100% cotton 2. J. Crew, 2.5" wide. 100% silk 3. Thomas Pink, 2.5" wide. 100% silk 4. J. Crew, 2.75" wide. 100% silk 5. J. Crew, 2.75" wide. 100% cotton 6. Banana Republic, 3" wide. 100% silk 7. J. Crew, 2.75" wide. 100% cotton   Price includes shipping and paypal. Discount for multiple purchases.
  ^same here
woww. can't wait til that's available that shirt fabric is that?
if not too much to ask, could you post pics of what that looks like?  also, any suggestions for some patterned casual button down fabrics (preferably in the 60-80$ range) ? thanks!
yeah.. I do the same too. It's one less step where a mistake could happen in looking up the wrong order number. 
i thought it was too boxy. i just ended up buying a vintage us navy peacoat off of ebay
@tcln1456  - you;re probably gonna want a 34. I've got pretty similar measurements to you and that's the size that I got last year. sold the coat because I didn't like the fit all that much and here are the measurements from the 34R I bought and sold last yr: P2P: 20.25"shoulder: 18"length (back): 30"sleeves from shoulder: 24"sleeves from pit: 17"
any chance these wallets could be done without the branding?
yes, it is the 6 button. as to whether or not its kersey or melton, i'm not so positive as there are no labels or tags anywhere
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