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all 3 J. Crew sweaters sold
I think wore this maybe 5-10 times in total. Bought last year. Smoke free, no smells, no stains.  Size Small.    Paypal fees and shipping CONUS included. 
Cleaning out closet of sweaters just don't fit me anymore. Price listed is per sweater. Discount for multiple purchased.    banana republic sweaters - $15 light grey - 100% merino wool dark grey - 75% silk / 20% cotton / 5% cashmere   J.Crew all three - 100% merino wool   J. Crew cardigan - 100% lambswool - $28   J. Crew zip up - 95% cotton/5% cashmere - $20   paypal fees and shipping included. 
normally wear a 7 in most shoes, 6.5 for dress shoes.. the 7s were slightly loose/big and considering leather generally breaks in and stretches figured i need to size down. looks like the one size  they don't carry is a 6.5 for whatever odd reason.. anyone have an idea on how much stretch there could be ? considering possibly getting a size 6 as that's the only one that might possibly work for me but also thinking it might be too small.. just wondering if anyone has...
    noooooooooooooooooooooooo.. how quickly have others had these shipping exceptions clear up?
how did you size them? have to size up/down at all? or are they pretty TTS?
just curious, but for those who have ordered from AE shoes not in stock and needing to be made, did you have to wait the full 4-6 weeks as stated on the site?
turnaround time is crazy fast right now. ordered 2 pants on thursday, sent in request to cancel (in order to change out and add a few others), received response this morning saying too late to cancel, pants already in construction. 
yeah unfortunately there are actually no 6.5E or 7E in stock anywhere. so i just ended up shipping them back to exchange for 7E. going to have to wait it out but hoping it'll be shorter than the 4-6 weeks and most importantly that it'll fit. 
i think i should ask here because AE customer service seems a bit off. i wear a 6.5E in their 5 last. bought a pair of long branch last week during the sale and got a 7D upon the online CS advice. they were a bit tight width wise, but length wise maybe a hair too long. i went in to their actual store yesterday to get physically sized and lol they sized me as a 8/8.5 EEE/EE (left/right). soo... there must be something wrong with how they are actually sizing/measuring. so...
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