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    Is it available in your area? I have some family up that way that might be able to grab some.
    Do you know if bottles will be available in SC? I know that it stole the show at the Charleston Brewvival 2012. 
I found these Sebago wingtips on eBay that looked as though they might be shell, but I was not able to find anything online about their company using Horween recently. Anyone else know more information on the company and if they produced any shell shoes?
I see this forum listing is still open. Do you happen to still have some of your items available?   Thanks,   Jeremy
is there any letable inseam on these??
I have a pair of Alden for BB shoes and a few others. I use a warm wet cloth to clean, then I use a product called Leather Lube to moisturize and have never had any issues with discoloration or other markings.   I originally purchased it at a DSW in Dallas 3 years ago and I just ran out this week. For an inexpensive shoe care product, It's gone far above and beyond my expectations as a shoe...
So is this classified as a Medium or Large?   Thanks,   -J
Hello All,   I'm Jeremy. I run a men's style blog in Charleston, SC. Try to dress well and encourage others to do the same. I love clothing and love learning new things. A better dressed society is my goal.   Cheers,   Jeremy
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