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    Is it available in your area? I have some family up that way that might be able to grab some.
    Do you know if bottles will be available in SC? I know that it stole the show at the Charleston Brewvival 2012. 
My motivation for trying to get this feedback is based initially on an idea that many folks that re-sell on AAAC, SF, or eBay are attempting to gain a profit or recoup initial costs of items.  I feel that the process of posting items, photographing, bumping posts, answering questions, managing the shipping and payment - while it may be enjoyable for a gifted many, there are many others that become weary of the process over a long period of time and decide that the...
eBay apparently takes a large part of the market share, but I feel that there is real potential for those that wish to embark on their own and generate their own customer base outside of eBay. Personally, I do not believe that many of the prices on eBay are fair to the buyer or the seller. Also, eBay is extremely inconvenient for what it offers, particularly for those that wish to sell their items.   For the amount of fees incurred, the effort/compensation ratio is...
I found these Sebago wingtips on eBay that looked as though they might be shell, but I was not able to find anything online about their company using Horween recently. Anyone else know more information on the company and if they produced any shell shoes?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/281042478120?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  So when you say "lower fees", you mean a higher consignment ratio of say 50/50 instead of the standard 60/40 split? How many eBay sellers get sales from their customers outside of the the eBay format? I was not aware that there were customer bases built on eBay that could be transferred. I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm truly curious. 
Apologies. I am still figuring out the forum format.
  Do you feel as though shoppers will follow inventory? There appear to be boutique clothing/accessory stores online that either consign or own their merchandise. My initial thought would be that a team of upscale consignors would more valuable, as buyers would have to take at least one chance at purchasing before knowing if the business was reputable. 
Have you ever made an online purchase of pre-owned menswear outside of eBay or SF?
@Saturdays   http://www.portero.com and http://www.tweedmansvintage.co.uk/ are good examples of targeting a niche market and providing a lavish inventory.    Playing devils advocate: portero.com seems to have higher prices than one would find on eBay and tweedmans appears to be comparable pricing to what you could get on eBay, so why would you choose to shop their site for those items over eBay? Why did you make the initial purchase? How did they over/under...
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