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Thanks Manton, with your input I can iron away with confidence  
Dear all,   I am about to iron my tuxedo shirt for my wedding. As you can see on the picture, the pleats seem to be a little "wavy" as opposed to smooth.   I've never ironed such a shirt before. Should I iron the pleats flat or should I leave the waves? Are they part of the design of the shirt?   Thanks in advance for the help!
Really? I've been browsing the web and this forum for a while now and most of the ones I've seen on fine gentlemen I.e. Prince Charles, Cary Grant, various bonds and our very own all have lapel holes...
Thanks, I know it sounds anal and that I am over thinking things, but it is the biggest day of my life and I just want everything to be perfect, and since I have such an interest in clothing I don't want it to look bad 20 years on when I look at my wedding pictures. Cheers!
I am considering a clip on the inner side of the lapel, with the flower arrangement hiding it. Would it work or would it be as bad as clip on braces?
If something goes wrong it is his fault, but then I will be left without a tux for my wedding. The tux is wonderful in every aspect except for this one detail, so it would be a shame not to wear it on the day. It would also be a shame to ruin what is otherwise an exquisite garnment.
Thank you, although I do not think they will take the risk of working on a coat made by a competitor just to open a buttonhole.  
Dear all,   My wedding is coming up and I have an issue with the boutonniere. I had a tuxedo made for the occasion, from a reputable tailor in these forums.   The tux is fantastic and fits beautifully, but the tailor did not put in a lapel buttonhole. When I asked why, he told me that because of the thick silk he used for the lapel facings and because they stitch the buttonhole by hand, the buttonhole may come out uneven and it will not be aesthetically pleasing....
I like the lapel width on the Suitsupply tux, but I like wider lapels in general. The buttoning point seems a bit high for my taste (on the video at least)
"Black tie requires no thought" some here might disagree... I've been thinking about my wedding tux for 6 months now, still haven't decided on all the details...   My fav Mitchell bit...
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