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Hanae Mori again today. Tomorrow I think ill use my Odeur 53 sample.
Ahhhh Black Orchid. I think you will love it. Today I wore Lacoste Homme Tomorrow will most likley be Hanae Mori.
Clinique Happy
Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur Du Male. Today will probaly be Narciso Rodriguez for Him. On another note, I just recently smelled Tom Ford Black Orchid, and im very tempted to purchase a bottle. This stuff smells amazing, I have a small amount on my hand and I can't stop smelling it. I wish Tom Ford for Men was smelled more like this.
The last 5 days and today have been Terre d'Hermes
Since fall/winter is coming I would suggest... Dior Homme Gucci Pour Home Angel Gaultier2 And even though I haven't smelled it, I keep hearing great things about Narciso Rodriguez for Him
Bvgalri Black And has anyone smelled Narciso Rodriguez for him?
Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur De Male
Today I wore Gaultier2.
Wow you brought this post back. My favorite fragrance is A*Men/Angel. Some others I wear are Christian Dior Homme and Fahrenheit Jean Paul Gaultier Gaultier2 and Fleur de Male Gucci Pour Homme 2 Cant wait for fall and winter to start Angel and Dior Homme again.
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