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Thanks for the photos Rydenfan.  I didn't realize there was such a height difference but I think it will be much easier to tie the Bayfield's in a hurry with the speed hooks. Which one do you like better?  
Yes, please post comparison photos.  Boots are awesome!
great shoes and great photo!
Those look awesome!  I think those are my favorite of all your shoes!  
Those look amazing!
Those look awesome!  
  I have also been eyeing the wingtips in shell.  But the price may stop me.  If I remember correctly there was a picture of a wingtip in natural shell on Rancourt's FB page and someone asked pricing info and the response was $675.  That is Alden Territory and much higher than AE.
Whatever you spend on the Alden for J.Crew captoes will be worth it as, imo they are an extremely comfortable boot!
Thanks for the details Subutai.  I am anxiously awaiting myself a delivery of the Dalton in Burgundy Shell so if mine look as good as yours I will be set! Your MTO sounds fantastic.  Looking forward to seeing pics when they arrive.
Very nice,  can you please provide details.  Is that a custom color inside lining?
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