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 cannot wait to see those wingtips... mine are supposed to ship on the 24th
Thank you, Somehow MrDV I knew you would like them! Thanks Bakes! I have fallen hopelessly, helplessly in love with scotch grain shell
Scotch grain shell on a Monday...
So is anybody going to order the wingtip in Navy/Natural Shell? I've been playing around with it on the site and I think it would look awesome... I am tempted... of course I am also tempted by the blake boot, the blake captoe boot, the ranger moc etc.  to many choices and what an opportunity to score some nice shoes/boots at a 20% discount.  Decisions, Decisions....   Has anyone seen a wingtip in person?  What is is like?     Of course I ask that after I already...
Amazing, what color is it?Where did you get it?
Got the email today saying the green shells are in production...   Green shell, Black deerskin lining, black eyelets, Black Cotton Laces, Montello Minilug sole w/hell & Dark brown edge stain
After much debate etc. I placed my order for the blake wingtip in green shell with the mini-lug.  Looking forward to seeing how it comes out!
Also, I wonder why shell cordovan is not an option?
Those look awesome!   I am glad you got them, you will be very happy with the color as it ages.  
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