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Thanks for the details Subutai.  I am anxiously awaiting myself a delivery of the Dalton in Burgundy Shell so if mine look as good as yours I will be set! Your MTO sounds fantastic.  Looking forward to seeing pics when they arrive.
Very nice,  can you please provide details.  Is that a custom color inside lining?
I believe you're right.  I think it is a JR waterlock.  I have them on a couple pairs of my boots, so far so good.
Those boots and jeans look awesome... can you please share how you sized your Gustins... perhaps compare how they fit with 501's etc.  thanks
Those look awesome!
Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!  MTO?
Detroit, definitely
Those boots look awesome!  I have those also and they are very comfortable.  
The picture of the 5 Dundees is a masterpiece.... makes me want to order another pair of Chukka's! btw, what ever happened (sorry if I missed the post) to the quest for the elusive AE color of Chukka you don't have?
IMO longwings look awesome with a suit.  Next time you go somewhere, office, party, restaurant, wedding etc.  check out the shoes that most people are wearing and you will see anything from square toe laceups to square toe loafer to sqare toe loafer with silver buckles (i thought Pilgrims didn't exist anymore) to shoes that haven't been shined in 20 years.  Chances are your long wings will be the best shoes there.
New Posts  All Forums: