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I believe they are/were only available in store.
Holy #@$#! Those look awesome!
sorry for taking so long to respond... Dark Brown ShellRed LiningMetal eyeletsToby mini-lug rubber sole with split reverse welt same colorsole and stitching etc. as aberdeen wingtip $595.00 plus tax.
how much are they going to be?  thanks
Thanks! Thanks... Thanks Cold Iron.  The LWB's are very comfortable... worth a try! Thanks I wondered why my MTO took so long. Too bad they didn't offer me the one with defects for a discount.  I would've bought it instead.Worth a look, the shoe looks better in person than in the pics. No, as BWV988 said, they must be the first run of my MTO.
Thanks I just asked Allison
My MTO shell MacNeil's... [IMG]
Yes they are, thanks. thanks rydenfan! 
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