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Those are Sweet!
Those are awesome!
Those look awesome!
Thanks, Thanks Thanks Thanks   You're right rydenfan, they are the Montello Mini-Lug... so far very comfortable. Thanks So far I have worn them with Kkakis and jeans.  I think they would look great with Navy Blue pants and also charcoal and grey pants.  They look pretty dark indoors, not quite black but dark green.   IMO they run large.  I have a pair of the Blake Plain Toe boots in the same size and the wingtips feel larger and longer than the boots.  
here is a better photo.... 
Thanks!No, the green shell looks awesome in person
 Those look great!
My new Bayfields just arrived. Dark Brown Shell....
 Thanks,I know what you mean and the shell edges look good but kind of funky in person.  I think it looks cool.  Very different from any other shell wingtips I have.
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