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    Good catch!
I would go for the one NAMOR posted...
  Thank you very much... I am using the Mac Method!
Carmina Chukka Style boot, Simpson last
I'd be in on that one
Richard,   How long does it take for an MTO from Tricker's like the Stow in teak cordovan? Thanks
Awesome stuff.... thanks
      I just wanted to second these comments from johnnyrich7....   Alden of Carmel's return policy is as clear as a bell.... I think it is a real disservice (sic) to Adam and his operation to condemn what his policy's are.  I have purchased 5 pairs of shoes/boots from him via e-mail and he has always been courteous, upfront, honest and unfailingly polite.  I think that he offers very specific and unique Alden models and he serves his customers well.  I don't think it is...
Those look really nice... good choice
  thanks... shoe healer
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