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I am excited, not only to finally get the boots but see what the brown shell actually looks like....
It is true..... Chocolate Brown Shell Cordovan.... my new Blake boots were shipped today so I may have some photos to share sometime late next week....
Thank you!
those are nice!
Definintely,   not as red as AE, not as purple as #8 and softer than both of them with maybe a hint of brown.  I think with some wear and some heavy duty horsehair brushing they will develop a really nice patina.  I really like them.
a comparison of burgundy shell   L to R   Meermin Plain toe blucher, Allen Edmonds PTB, Alden #8 Chukka    
Burgundy Shell Plain toe bluchers      
  I have a number of other shell shoes and just by appearance the shell seems good, a bit stiffer than other shell pairs I have. I am going to post more pics and comparison of the color...
Here is an idea of the Burgundy Shell with a crappy I Phone Pic....will post better pics tomorrow or Friday.   New Burgundy shell plain toe bluchers....    
To be honest I have no idea what the color is... I am hoping it is nice... I will post pics as soon as I get them.
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