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I have 3 pairs of Meermin's, all shell and so far they are, in my opinion top quality shoes.  I have had the opportunity to wear my Burgundy shell PTB's on a number of occasions and while the shell was a bit stiff at first after wearing them, a little Saphir and a bit of brushing they are getting softer all the time.  Very very comfortable out of the box and actually are more comfortable than my AE and Alden PTB's.  
Thanks, 50% surcharge for MTO. Delivery time was 8 weeks (actually 7 weeks since factory was closed for 1 week during that time period).   I was pretty impressed as I waited 7 months for an MTO from Alfred Sargent.
  No worries, I actually asked myself the same question.  I really wanted a more casual boot than what was available and I figured that by buying direct from Carmina and having the boots resoled I could create my own MTO boot for about the same as Epaulet charges for their group MTO's.
Thank you.
I'm in!   +1
  Thank you...  I thought it was pretty cool to get a Horween stamp on the tongue. Yea, I am pretty much tapped out... As Bud Fox would say, 'I got a hit man from American Express looking for me'
  Actually the boots are black shell, with green lining.... I ordered through Aki at the Jermyn Street in London... all through e-mail... a pleasure to deal with. pretty much identical to my Peal for BB's burgundy shell boots... 
  Thanks...   80184A on Carmina website... The shell on these are amazing.... I ordered from Betty Nick at B. Nelson resoled them... JR water-loc soles, antique edging, white stitching on top I think they turned out pretty cool... more casual than with original sole and edging but I am really happy with them....
New carmina's resoled....       sorry for crappy iphone pic
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