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Hey guys, does anyone have a shoe/boot in navy shell? I am thinking about ordering maybe the blake boot or Hamilton Boot in the Navy shell and was wondering if anyone had comments/pics to show how it has aged etc. Thanks in advance.
Very nice... looks great with the pants
Fantastic!  Thanks for sharing... it makes me wonder why I was buying Bass saddle shoes back then and not Aldens.....
I actually like the RL's better.  
Frank, can you post some pics in the wild?
If they are the same color as mine you will be a happy camper! Christmas came early for you, Ruby & Cognac Shell!!!!!!
Thanks, and I have my fingers crossed i won't be seeing any additional fees... Ha ha!
Yea, i was really nervous about the color as I have the same boots in Saddle.... so I didn't want 2 of the same pair, and the color is really nice,  much softer than the C&J dark brown cordovan and softer and richer than Cigar.... They were shipped March 14 and I got them yesterday, March 20.  So 6 days.... not bad from Sweden!
I got my MTO boots from Skoaktiebolaget yesterday. Although others have posted pics of theirs I thought I would add mine.  The color is awesome.            
+1 And I would bet that should you wear the #8 LWB to a wedding you will have nicer shoes than 99% of anyone else there!
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