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I got my MTO boots from Skoaktiebolaget yesterday. Although others have posted pics of theirs I thought I would add mine.  The color is awesome.            
+1 And I would bet that should you wear the #8 LWB to a wedding you will have nicer shoes than 99% of anyone else there!
I too am waiting to see if they come out with a perforated cap toe.  I might go for that in either navy or green also.
I think Navy would be more versatile and would really pop in the boot you want. .
you're right, i missed that on your list....  I didn't get hit with any CA use tax bills but I did get a letter from state of CA saying they are aware I have been importing shoes and I owe the use tax.... due and payable by April 15!
wait until the State of California comes looking for the Governor's cut.....
Here is a comparison of the Natural Cordovan to Whiskey and Ravello     From Left to Right Ravello, Natural, Whiskey
They darkened over time.  In fact the pull up (if that is the right term) a lot of black underneath, especially around areas with friction such as rubbing on floor carpet in car when driving or hitting the shell with a lot of brushing.     I will post pics today comparing the color to Whiskey and Ravello.... Here is what they originally looked like....   http://leffot.com/shop/leffot-ivy-loafer/
Here is a picture of the natural shell.  These shoes are about 2 years old.   Sorry for the mismatched shoes trees, I don't know what I was thinking....  
Thanks Frank.....they look really nice and cognac..... thanks!!!!!! can't wait for mine to arrive.
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