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Does Quoddy offer shell cordovan as an option?  I did not see it on their website
maybe a better choice of language would be nice...
That is a steal... nice... You never know what will happen on Ebay.  I put up 974's for sale, someone bought them and then wouldn't pay.  Unbelievable
+ 1 I've seen top banking executive wear Bruno Magli square toe loafers with 'dress' suits and they think they look good.
Those look rally nice Gerry, Nice pick-up
Thanks, a very tiny, little bit of renovateur and lots and lots of brushing.  It took a while for the Rancourt boots to take a shine but now they are shining up nicely.
Since the Wolverine 744 Ltd. Boot was referenced I thought it would be fun to show the difference between Rancourt's 'Espresso' Cordovan and Horween's #449 Cordovan on the 744 Boot.        
I agree....might be something to think about in the future...   It does, and the shape reminds me very much of a plain toe boot on the Alden Modified last
I don't know if Rancourt makes Oak Street Bootmakers shoes or not but if they did I would order this boot in shell today....   http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/natural-captoe-trench-boot
I ordered the Chocolate calf/suede balmoral. forest last does not like my feet. just listed it on ebay if you missed this boot order. thanks
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