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Thanks Thanks Thanks They just came out that way.... I am really liking the way AE finishes their shell... Thanks Thanks Me too, thanks
Here are my new Walnut Shell Dundee's.... Color is actually more even between the 2 shoes than the photos suggest.... i really like the appearance of the burnishing on the toes.... Thanks to Paul for the MTO program and a special thank you to Allison at AE for fantastic during the process.      
I am glad they were not in my size because if they were I would've bought them.  And I would've been crying as I filed a claim against the Seller with Ebay!
whoever bought these is going to be very disappointed!
Looking forward to seeing the Bayfields and the Daltons.   My Walnut Dundee's are due to arrive in next few days, I too am interested to see how color came out.
Those shoes look fantastic.  I have same Leeds shoe and I love the color!
Those are awesome!  I have the same pair
too true!
I tried to get them through Rancourt in shell but they won't be available to be customized until at least August.
which model is 2nd from left?  thanks very much
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