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Looking forward to seeing the Bayfields and the Daltons.   My Walnut Dundee's are due to arrive in next few days, I too am interested to see how color came out.
Those shoes look fantastic.  I have same Leeds shoe and I love the color!
Those are awesome!  I have the same pair
too true!
I tried to get them through Rancourt in shell but they won't be available to be customized until at least August.
which model is 2nd from left?  thanks very much
B. Nelson changed out a pair of Modified perforated cap toes for me and they came out awesome.
Great information.  I never realized the 744's are the same color as the Marlow's.  I am going to have to put them side by side for a comparison.  I think it is interesting to note how shiny your 744's are as many people have mentioned on the Marlow, Darlton site that their C&J shell do not shine up as well as Alden's.  
Those Kenilworth's look great.  What last is the Carmina PTB and is that saddle shell?  If os how does it compare in person to the Walnut? Thanks very much!!
Those look awesome... is there a split reverse welt?  what sole color is that?  thanks
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