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Those Kenilworth's look great.  What last is the Carmina PTB and is that saddle shell?  If os how does it compare in person to the Walnut? Thanks very much!!
Those look awesome... is there a split reverse welt?  what sole color is that?  thanks
Namor, those look awesome... is it the picture or is some red starting to come through the brown a bit....
I agree and it is hard to choose between the Burgundy and the brown.  The Harlech in Black in also very nice
color is beautiful!
looks like a pretty cool boot
umm,,, I am starting to like uh think you have a problem with shoes.... I LOVE IT!
Those are really nice....
Hey guys, does anyone have a shoe/boot in navy shell? I am thinking about ordering maybe the blake boot or Hamilton Boot in the Navy shell and was wondering if anyone had comments/pics to show how it has aged etc. Thanks in advance.
Very nice... looks great with the pants
New Posts  All Forums: