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Thanks... I don't know yet.  I have not tried them on yet as I have been spending a lot of time staring at them and smelling them.... they do smell good....  i will compare to the Forest and get back to you....
I just asked nicely.... I originally was going to do the Chukka in Ruby Shell and I asked about the color of lining choices and she said go with Red. And then Betty said she thought it would look better in Navy... so I went with Navy and I thought the Red lining would be awesome.... It looks awesome in person!!!!!
I stepped in front of you when your weren't looking.... what are you waiting for? supersonic!
Just received my first MTO from Carmina.... placed order mid may, arrived today....   First time I've seen the Detroit Last......       Navy Blue Shell, Red Lining, Detroit Last 
me too!
Great stuff, thank you for that....   there were some really ugly shoes in 1978....
That is a great shirt, but I found the sizing all messed up.  Medium is too tight and Large is too Large... I feel like Goldilocks...
Thanks Thanks Thanks They just came out that way.... I am really liking the way AE finishes their shell... Thanks Thanks Me too, thanks
Here are my new Walnut Shell Dundee's.... Color is actually more even between the 2 shoes than the photos suggest.... i really like the appearance of the burnishing on the toes.... Thanks to Paul for the MTO program and a special thank you to Allison at AE for fantastic during the process.      
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