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   Thanks,  I haven't actually tried them on yet. I will report back on your questions as soon as I try them on etc.
I tried to get them on the Detroit last, but Betty said they only come on the Llubi last.  I really like the look of it.
Just over a month.  I ordered them I think on September 12 and I got the e-mail they were ready about October 20.  So just over a month.   I think I got lucky on these.
Thank you.  Yes, MTO direct through Carmina.  
Thank you.  Llubi last.
Thank you.  Yes, I went direct to Carmina through Betty.  She is awesome.
Newly arrived Navy Shell Carminas .... x-post from Carmina thread...  
Navy Blue Shell....just arrived today.  MTO took only a little over a month.  Great Service from Carmina and Betty in particular.  
Here is the cipresso in a ptb.  It would look awesome on a captoe boot. I'm in.   
very nice.  I love the red sole!
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