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Dude, Those VASS K Burgundy are some sweet shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mine feel big, I'm going to try with an insert, like Dr Scholl's. Interesting that Trickers blue is much darker, blacker than Carmina blue which is much greener.
New Navy shell next to Carmina navy shell
 Those are awesome!  Namor, you are a GENIUS!  cannot wait for my pair to arrive!
Nick at B. Nelson did them. Not sure about the cork footbed but they are very comfortable and wearing well.
Correct... Base price + 50% Here's Betty's e-mail address   betty@carminashoemaker.com    
   Thanks,  I haven't actually tried them on yet. I will report back on your questions as soon as I try them on etc.
I tried to get them on the Detroit last, but Betty said they only come on the Llubi last.  I really like the look of it.
Just over a month.  I ordered them I think on September 12 and I got the e-mail they were ready about October 20.  So just over a month.   I think I got lucky on these.
Thank you.  Yes, MTO direct through Carmina.  
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