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      Dude your youtube channel is awesome!  I have hair curly hair similar to Ben Savage (Boy Meets World).  What would you recommend as a daily use product?  I currently use gel but do not like the way my hair feels hard and stiff and then sometimes frizzy.  I have used a variety of different gels but want something that leaves my hair without the stiff feeling..   Thanks!
How do you guys found out about the sales?  Like the last one where the BB's where $129?   Thanks
  Thanks, got a pair of each today!!
  Do you know what size's for us small feet guys?
Lexus IS350
    I can go back tomorrow if you want and get them??  They have as-is on the price tag and have been marked down several times..  lmk
    Left today two pairs of Ralph Lauren Purple Label - size 32 Purple Linen pants at TJ Maxx  $40 a pair..   Found at the thrift to fc banana republic woven in Italy shirts in my size
    I want dibs as well!!     I think we need to delete this thread and have a sf code.  No more listing prices etc.. 
  I would pick up more good stuff that I pass on all the time if we could do something like what you  have suggested...
    found this nice Orvis shirt in my size today. Thanks to this thread I knew it was something good.  
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