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How do you guys found out about the sales?  Like the last one where the BB's where $129?   Thanks
  Thanks, got a pair of each today!!
  Do you know what size's for us small feet guys?
Lexus IS350
    I can go back tomorrow if you want and get them??  They have as-is on the price tag and have been marked down several times..  lmk
    Left today two pairs of Ralph Lauren Purple Label - size 32 Purple Linen pants at TJ Maxx  $40 a pair..   Found at the thrift to fc banana republic woven in Italy shirts in my size
    I want dibs as well!!     I think we need to delete this thread and have a sf code.  No more listing prices etc.. 
  I would pick up more good stuff that I pass on all the time if we could do something like what you  have suggested...
    found this nice Orvis shirt in my size today. Thanks to this thread I knew it was something good.  
I am slow as well, but once you laughed your ass off I understood :)  
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