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I am slow as well, but once you laughed your ass off I understood :)  
  Why don't we just email the corporate office and ask??
    Nice post baller!    
  Quote:Originally Posted by AndroFan  Almost didn't go out today, glad I did.  First stop:     You are the reason I continue to go!!   You continue to pull down awesome stuff week after week!   I thought I was lucky today when I found a Brooks Brothers Maker shirt in my size that was NWT...
    I am amazed how they transform a shirt!!  Might have to give them a try..
    I would check out the www.rolexforums.com and ask them.  It looks fake IMO
    Nice!  I would even go for a simple one made out of wood and stained.    Where did you get the metal bars?    
  Love them and they would fit !!  
  How much does Ibo charge to fix up my newly found Burberry suit?  Pants need to be taken in 2" or so length needs to be shorten.  Jacket looks ok, need to have more of a drop added at the waist and maybe shorten a tad..
  I love this thread and yes, it got me started in Thrifting two weeks ago!  I just wish their was an easier way to trade what we find.   I have found  two large Zegna Sport Shirts and one small Zegna linen shirt.  I rather just work together with the other guys on this forum than to sell for profit here or on Ebay..
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