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I just received my Bayfield's and love these boots.  Can you tell me if AE any more boots that are similar.  I already have the long branch but the bayfields fit awesome!
 Thanks again to whom over posted the information in regards to the designation of the S in the part number.  I ended up with two wonderful pair of firsts with bags :) 
It all comes down to reading the chart they send you.  If the part number in the list does not have an S at the end of then they are firsts.  Another member in this thread made mention of this and I looked carefully through the list when I was looking for part numbers that did not have an S.  Did I also mention that I have small feet? 7D
Ok, just brought a couple pairs on the 2 for 250. I want to say thanks to whoever posted how to read the description. I ordered the Bayfield and the Strawfut both where listed as firsts with no S in the part number. Will the shoebank mark them? Will I getting lucky and get bags? Thanks
 Thank you! Went to the store and got four pairs!!
    The correct shoe is the  Item# MH00217   I have a pair of presidio I received from AE
I hope the quality is on par with my BB Egyptian cotton shirts in the same price range that I have...   Thanks
I hope others can take advantage of this deal.  It is a shirt and tie for $39.50 plus shipping.   The web site is www.ctshirts.com/mason Offer code is rjht good for only the next ten days.
      Dude your youtube channel is awesome!  I have hair curly hair similar to Ben Savage (Boy Meets World).  What would you recommend as a daily use product?  I currently use gel but do not like the way my hair feels hard and stiff and then sometimes frizzy.  I have used a variety of different gels but want something that leaves my hair without the stiff feeling..   Thanks!
How do you guys found out about the sales?  Like the last one where the BB's where $129?   Thanks
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