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Thanks guys, ordered my first pair of shell!!
  Great site !! 
I just received my Bayfield's and love these boots.  Can you tell me if AE any more boots that are similar.  I already have the long branch but the bayfields fit awesome!
 Thanks again to whom over posted the information in regards to the designation of the S in the part number.  I ended up with two wonderful pair of firsts with bags :) 
It all comes down to reading the chart they send you.  If the part number in the list does not have an S at the end of then they are firsts.  Another member in this thread made mention of this and I looked carefully through the list when I was looking for part numbers that did not have an S.  Did I also mention that I have small feet? 7D
Ok, just brought a couple pairs on the 2 for 250. I want to say thanks to whoever posted how to read the description. I ordered the Bayfield and the Strawfut both where listed as firsts with no S in the part number. Will the shoebank mark them? Will I getting lucky and get bags? Thanks
 Thank you! Went to the store and got four pairs!!
    The correct shoe is the  Item# MH00217   I have a pair of presidio I received from AE
I hope the quality is on par with my BB Egyptian cotton shirts in the same price range that I have...   Thanks
I hope others can take advantage of this deal.  It is a shirt and tie for $39.50 plus shipping.   The web site is Offer code is rjht good for only the next ten days.
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