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 out of stock of all sizes :(
 Thanks, picked up a pair of boots! I have always wanted a pair!
looks great!
  It's an awesome collection.  I think you need a pair of Chukka boots!
Thanks guys for the help.  I ended up with two items  a pair of shoes for me Shell Alden Wing tips and a nice Filson bag for the wife (or at least that is  what I told them)!!
  thanks for the great idea, but now which bag!!! ugh!!
 Me too no 7D :(
I received two coupons one for men and one for women. I am going to the store tomorrow to see if they will let me get two items.   Thanks for all the ideas
Ok, I was lucky enough to get a 40% off discount coupon in the mail today. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to get?? 
Alden for Brooks Brothers Horween #8 Shell Cordovan Cap Toe Blucher. 7D. $370.SOLD      I love them!!
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