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I got my MTO Cooper Double Monks today and they look great.  Took forever to get the settings on my camera to capture what they really look like in person.      The suede is way less neon blue than what is shown on the site which opens up a few more ideas on what they can be worn with in my opinion.  If anyone was on the fence about these I hope this pushes you over the top.
The boutique in Knightbridge is closed, a wasted walk from Trafalgar for me a few weeks ago.   But now that you mention it it looks like their website is back up, and updated to join the 21st century.  Only stores listed are Florence and Milan
If you can wait till late June I should have my Pendles by then.  I assume they are going to fit very well given they are made based off of a foot tracing and multiple measurements taken on your foot.   Note there is a step up in price from EG to AS Handgrade, the prices aren't so close anymore.  I'd have no problem buying C&J handgrades if I saw something I liked, I wouldn't put Church's on the same level.  None of this speaks to "fit" though as its completely...
C&J handgrade detailing is really nice, I just find plain brown shoes to be sort of bland until they get a nice patina.   Brown Museum Calf is stunning in person and if you are getting them at UK prices I'd get those hands down.         The Lobb's are benchgrade and only ~$850 in London if you get VAT refund.  Resellers in the US have import tax and an extortionate markup.
I know I saw some EG in Harrod's although I can't recall whether they had that model.  Worth a look though.
  Someone please tell me these work with grey or brown trousers and your standard dress shirt in a business casual environment so I can shut up and pull the trigger on them.
Want to share how you are getting them for $475?  The price on those is typically $1K+ and -30% for the corporate deal would be $700.  Do some BBs have clearance in the store?
Is the stock count your website records indicative of what's in store?  I'm going to be in NYC this week and am hoping that there will be a SEXIHXINDO16 in 38 for me to try on.
To me, and he shipped them out first thing the next day after paypaling him the evening before.  Great condition, exactly like the photos.
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