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Hey, guys!   What can you say about fitting of PALMER CHUKKA BOOT? Are they narrow or wide? I wear NB and Adidas in 8.5US, Alden Barrie in 8US, Trickers / Crockett 7.5UK.
hi!   what about Lactae Hevea crepe outsole in the cold weather? my feet pretty cold in crepe of clarks wallabees. did anybody wear Lactae Hevea crepe outsole in 30ºF(0ºС) and below?
commado is slippery sole for winter. for me (
it would be good to have unlined shoes. it could be blucher on detroit last. snuff or tobacco color )and what do you think about mto for winter like - chukka, Model 000708-002/Model 000708T011,  Last DETROIT, suede or Vegano calf but on gumlite sole? ))
 where can i get this handsome shoes? )
upssss... twice late for discount ))))
i feel great in 7.5G uk for loake 3625last,great in 7.5F uk loake 1639great in CJ 7.5F uk 228lastBarker 8F, 029last(not so good in width)Alden Barrie 8E us(alden is magic - if heel slip, in 30 minutes of walknig - no sliping ))))) so 7.5F uk of last 4444 bit bigger for me. width pretty good. maybe little wide - not so critical.Problem with heel. may be heel to wide, or last to long for me.
got my Trickers Minster on 4444 last. Yep, its realy generous fit. Even with my FX/G fit - i should down 1/2 size... Heel slip. For boots it will be ok, but not for shoes. now thinking sell or put something back of my heel. For boots it will be ok
NEW Alden x Leffot color 8 shell cordovan longwings with antique edge trim and double waterlock soles. Size 8E, last Barrie   This was a special make-up for Leffot and are not available anywhere else.   I am asking 795$ free shipping worldwide   Please feel free to contact me with questions
hey guys!   try again )   lets make Minster ) 4444last   In Coffee Burnished Calf Leather on commander brown sole or gumsole.     or maybe Bourton Espresso Calf om commando sole? ))   or like this but on commando or gumsole? ))
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