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blasphemy! try crumbs in nyc or georgetown cupcakes in DC
Agreed.  I've only been here less than a month and my credit card companies are hating me already    
If you want a busy, people-filled vacation, Vegas is the place to go, but if you're looking more to relax and veg out then you could probably find a nice, quiet beach in Mexico... where you won't bump into some drug lords/locals aren't hassling you for money hopefully.
Women can have paychecks these days?!?
Maybe south of Spain if you're looking to relax.  If not, then London is great and full of stuff to do but expensive!
Isn't frat synonymous with douche?
One of my friends is looking for someone to move into his apt for $3000.  He lives in Hell's Kitchen. If you still need a spot, I'll put you in touch.  His name is Anthony Keeney- you can prob find him on FB.
Korean BBQ is great! It's delicious and fun to eat since you have to work for it, as long as you don't under/over cook your meat.
My old business card used to say "Life Conoisseur," now it says "Panda Extraordinaire"
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