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Hey Mike I know you've talked about your cameras before but what were you using to get those shots of the factory workers, bridge, and city shots? Were those in Porto? I was in Porto/Lisbon/Lagos last summer and fell in love with portugal. Does not get the credit it deserves considering all the love spain gets (loved spain too, but was just blown away by portugal and the people)
 Just wanted to chime in that I picked up one of the remaining ones of these in L and it is so perfect. with this east coast warm front it is the ideal weight. love the buttons and collar. it's much thicker than I thought it would be, in a good way though. I was expecting an almost jersey weight, but its a thick hoodie material. there seems to be at least one left in stock at an absurd discount, so someone pick it up before I buy a second one. 
Wait really? I've been trying to buy something for a week.
pm sent 
Anyone able to identify these sunglasses? not salt, or garrett leight i don't think...   x
Been outta town and missed the green gats in 8.5! Mike @epaulet any 8.5 floating around?
Following up from a post back in early Jan. I was having a MTM suit made on some end of roll fabric. Anwyay, their was an issue with the fabric so Rick upgraded me to a much much nicer navy fabric. Then we hit a snag with the Chinese new year so my suit got pushed back. I got a call from the store that my jacket was in, and when I asked "you mean suit?" I was told no pants arrived so they'd follow up on what happened. I was told the pants were shipped separately and have...
Stopped in on Friday to pick up a few shirts and check out the suit offerings. I picked out 3 OTR shirts that are really really impressive at the price--promotion or not. They're actually shortening the sleeves right now (also very well priced alterations) and will get them back some time soon.   Ended up going back yesterday to get measured for a MTM suit. Since it was an end of roll fabric offering/amazing price, I'm trying some things I've always wanted to try....
[[SPOILER]] WOW. This guy sounds like a piece of work. I have been a multiple time customer and have always had incredible service from Karl and Leslie. I don't for a second believe that K&L would deal with this by accepting a return and then never refunding or acknowledging receiving it. This whole thing sounds fishy. 
Really, thank you for the method. Not sarcastic. But again, my question was about the price at fsfashion, not how the price match works. Were the boots on sale for $200 at fsfashion when you ordered? Because they are now $245...aka NOT the $200 you paid from Nordstrom. 
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