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Picked up the dark grey 50's crewneck sweatshirt from the vente prive sale. It was sold out when i checked yesterday but then i checked today and a L popped up so i bought it with quickness. Im wondering how the sizing is. For reference I wear a large in Sunspel and Kent Wang Polos. Large in Epaulet shirts. But in traditional levis and mall brand stuff Im consistently a medium in shirts and sweats. Medium in American Apparel hoodies for reference. Does LVC fit slightly...
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Raleigh Jones Original Thins in comparison to Naked/Famous Weird Guys, Rogue Territory Stantons, Gustin Slims, Tellason's? I wear a 32 in both Naked/Famous WG's, 32 in Rogue Territory stantons...34 in Gustins (33's do up but are too tight in the waist by a bit), 33 in Baldwin Henleys, 32 in Tellason Ladbrokes are a bit tight but do up fine...   No one locally in Toronto sells Raleigh according to their website. One place that did...
 Just measured my old gap denim jacket that fits me well and it measured ~21.75 chest, 34.5 sleeve length and 24" back, so I'm thinking medium but am a bit worried about the torso measurement.  Hey @joshgustin any chance you can get a quick waist across measurement? I dont own any of your shirts cause I was cornerned about the waist measurements but assumed id be a large, but with the jacket measurements, it seems I'd be fine with a medium...
Just picked up a Sunspel Riviera in Navy from Nordstrom at 50% off. $75. Also picked up some of their amazing house brand woven boxers with no seam on the butt and two buttons at the waist. love those. 3 for 38 (not a sale).    Thats as cheap as I've seen the Riviera in Navy. Random colors sometimes discount cheaper on random sites. All sizes available. 
 Im a 9 in Clarks DB and an 8 in Wolverine 1k...so for me its a full size. 8.5 worked for me too, but then I tried an 8 and it felt even better...
p.s. George, you should buy this http://www.ebay.com/itm/OAK-ST-LIONS-INTERNATIONAL-Street-Sign-1-Vintage-Heavy-Steel-Metal-Kalamazoo-MI-/161170364949?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2586809a15
Tried on the roughed out trenches at Lost & Found in Toronto today. They didnt have an 8.5 so I tried a 9 but it was too big. Not to disappointed  being that i have my heart set on the standard natty cxl, but they really looked beautiful. I think L&F is the only stockist in Toronto, so if anyone wanted to check them out, head on over there. 
@Crane's did you raise the shipping costs within the US since yesterday? 
Gahh. Someone make a decision for me. Black or Rust from Crane's? Something about the stock pics of the black make me fall in love but im afraid it'll look dull with a few wears...and I dont know if the rust is too red.   never enough in the wild photos of the black being worn!
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