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Do you know how these compare to sizes for American brands such as Allen Edmonds?  Can I request basic measurements?  (Length outside and widest point across forefoot?)   Thanks.
I think that these are normally on the wide side.  Can you give me a measurement of the sole at the widest point?   Thanks.  
I have a pair of Allen Edmonds Fifth Ave in black, size 12 3E that I picked up as a second direct from AE a few months ago.  But I've only worn it twice in carpeted areas.  I like the shoe but find I don't feel like wearing it as much as my other black shoes so I want to see if there is any interest in this pair.  As the pics will show, they are in near mint condition with the soles barely showing any wear at all.   Shipping is $10 in the continental US and I accept...
Interested in size 40 (inseam 34).  Either wool/cotton or wool. flat front light gray, navy, or brown.
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