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Newest batch of Cego shirts.   Vintage buttons on the casual shirts.  Gritti buttons on the G&R button downs.             
Some interesting gauze like vintage fabric from Sember.   Not sure if these 1940s MOP fish eye buttons work well?  I'm sure Carl will let me know......    
Carl mentioned American Sember and Nicole on a routine visit.   Then he actually walked myself and a friend over to the 7th floor warehouse to peruse the fabrics available.   I've since been there for 3 visits and I've purchased about 20 fabrics or so ranging from closeout 10/yd Alumo and G&R to $45 - $65 Triplo and Sea Island fabrics.   I also picked up a few vintage fabrics.  All great stuff!!    I've also purchased some really nice Troca buttons in 14L, 16L and...
Fixed.   And I like these charcoal ones as well, but I guess they're too similar to my oiled black pair.   Later on, Dayton may offer these boots in Horween leathers........and hopefully some shell.     Walked around all day today in the city and these just felt great.   Nicest urban boots I've owned.    
I love these boots.   Now I want a brown/possibly dressier pair.   Been in contact with the folks over at Dayton and I'm trying to decide between their new Hurricane leather, or possibly the Bourbon.  Dressier leather (unpainted soles, nailed Topy on the heel.  Matching eyelets, thicker tongue (not the thin stuff that they use sometimes) and no "Dayton" stamp on the front.   Size 7.5 E which I now know is the correct size after buying several pairs.    Anyone have...
These things just get better with age.   Great leather, great boots, nice price.   I'm normally an 8 to an 8.5, and the 8D fit me perfectly.       
Custom whiskey shell wallet lined with Hermann Oak British Brown.   Window for license and three card slots.  Custom edge burnish/paint.   Awesome custom leather work courtesy of John Faler.    Pics:          
  Actually, I think you want to order these boots:   Now that I have brown and black, I really want a charcoal nubuck pair in my size.   Really nice boots.   Wonder when they'll have a sale again??
These are great.  Molded reinforced toe is interesting.   Been wearing them all afternoon/evening and they seem to fit me perfectly.   I've never worn shoes/boots without insoles?   Will these mold to my feet somewhat after wearing them for a while?   I guess I'll order some of Dayton's Oil to try on the boots.    
  I've only just tried them on so far, but they feel pretty comfortable to me.  I wouldn't call the oiled black buttery soft, but I'd say it's fairly supple.  I should get a brown pair in soon, and I'll compare the two?   Are you wearing insoles?   If so, which ones?   I was just going to try to wear mine without any?    Did you treat your nubuck and oiled black boots with anything? 
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