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When I first read this forum I heard about Ben Silver. When I saw the Weymouth I was hooked. That was my first pair of High End shoes. First the tan then the brown then many other wholecuts and I love them. You guys are an addiction and It's great.
I had the ones from Ben Silver and they were the most beautiful gloves I've ever owned until they were stolen.
I appreciate all the answers but I don't drive. I've talked to the guy in the union trust bldg and he only does custom. There is a shop on stanwick st that I will try with one item and see how it goes. Thanks for all the help and you should stop at Jos Orlando on a Thurs eve as he is often open late and has wine and snacks. This week Ali the fitter from Samuelson was here doing fittings and it was fun.
Try in Cleveland.
I bought the 2007 in blue. I darkened it slightly and it works so well with many of my grey suits. A beautiful shoe.
I will be in San Fran for two weeks starting tomorrow. Does anyone know if Jeremy's has gotten in any good stock. Thanks in advance.
They look very much like the Repton carried by Ben Silver. They were the first high end shoe I ever bought. It was a downhill slide from there. Now I have to find some more shoe racks
I have three suits I need to have altered and am looking for a tailor in Pittsburgh. The one that was recommended is about 90 and rarely takes customers. Any help would be appreciated. -Jim-
I got a call this afternoon from a salesman I've dealt with at Wilkes and he informed me they had just completed a multi-million dollar renovation of their third floor. Hope to be there by the end of the month for a look. -Jim-
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