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Take a cooking class. You'll likely meet some interesting women and guys to pal around with. Most single women today are lost in the kitchen and a guy who can cook is golden. Cooking is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!
Until I was about ten my mother and this lady in the best men store in my home town picked my clothes. After that my mother would call the store and tell them how much I could spend and I'd go after school and pick what I wanted. My mother had good taste but none of the women I've met in adulthood know squat about mens clothes. Most of the time they ask me to pick out their stuff.
Copper River Salmon with Bernaise. Awesome!
Try the website. They are in DC. They carry many brands but the only ones I order are edward Green. Their address is on the website.
I ordered a Chesterfield coat from them and the said 8 weeks too. I can't get any info on their website either. I'm not worried yet its only been 6 weeks so far.
I've used a Kitchenaid mixer and a Cuisinart food processor for over thirty years and they do any job you can think of. For me they are the Rolls Royce of appliances. Go to any professional kitchen and that is what you will see.I also have an Oster blender that has served me well for forty years.
Love the Bexleys. They are sized and a good buy in groups.
When I bought my Lobbs in treacle they gave me a jar of Meltonian in red mahogany and it seems to be right.
Get yourself to a good nose doctor. I went through a period of frequent nosebleeds. Getting cauterized so often ended up burning a hole through my septum and a hemerage that required laser surgery to repair. I was in ICU for almost two weeks due to severe loss of blood. It was a near death experience. I later had to have skin grafts in my nose to heal it. See a doctor and lean forward not backward. It is dangerous. I needed 5 pints of blood in the ICU.
I plan to relocate soon to San Francisco and was wondering if anyone knew who carried EG in the city. I know where to get JL but haven't seen any EG. Any help would be appreciated.
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