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I like Upstream in Phillips place. You can shop at Taylor, Richards and Conger and the walk down the street for a good meal.
I have been grilling pizza since I got my first weber in 1975. Never used a stone. The secret is to build your coals in a ring around the edge of the grill and put your dough in the middle. A little char goes with the territory. Go to Naples and you'll see.
When I bought my Lobbs they gave me a jar of red mahogany. I use that and spit shine with Saphir mahogany. they look great.
I was curious about men stores because I will be going up for a wedding and wanted to check the clothing scene. I also used to be friends with John Elkhay and want to try some of his new restaurants. Also will be spending some time in Newport. I was stationed there before I retired.
Philip Wolfe was on the corner of Weybosset and Dorrence down town. When Cianci was in office he had a$5000 bill at one time which is nothing these days. I left there in 1995 and had shopped there a few times after.
I left Providence many years ago and there was a great store called Phillip Wolfe. They are now closed and I was wondering if there were any worth going to now. Thanks for your help.
I used the googone on one of my light grey MTM suits and there was no discoloration.
If freezing doesn't work try GooGone. I sat on a huge wad of gum on the bus and in ten minutes the Googone got it all off with no marks or discoloration.
Wilkes had them on sale last week and they had a pair of chapels in the squirrel calf and the pair in my size go bought that morning before I could call them. Well I'll try the next sale.
The last time I saw these were in the Navy Exchange for Marine uniforms but that was many years ago.
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