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I have 2 pair and get a lot of compliments on them. The tan were the first high end shoe I bought.
I got a nice one last year from Pakeman, Cato. It is a navy one but if I remember they had other colors and the price was reasonable.
A few days before Thanksgiving I buy some turkey wings and necks and make a bunch of brown turkey stock. From that and the drippings you can make as much gravy as you like and have stock leftover to freeze for later.
In "Tomorrow Never Dies" Brosnan wears the most incredible overcoat. It was double breasted and darker than camel hair. It would be great to know who made that. Sorry to hijack the thread.
I wear 38S and find the Canalis fit ne very well. Also the Samuelson MTM works well for the price.
Poirot and Hastings are always very well turned out. I especially love all the period buildings. I wish it were still on so I guess I'll have to order the set also.
the frozen banana is easily peeled and reduces the need for ice.
Go with the Monks
You wear these by pushing the larger part onto the shirt and bringing the tie through the chain. But I would not wear this one because it is a Shriner symbol and some guys will fight you if you are not entitled to wear the symbols.
When my bananas get over ripe, I freeze them in their skins. I sometimes buy extras if the price is right. The skin will get black but the fruit is still perfect. When I make a smoothie I just take a banana out and puree it with whatever fruit and you don't need any ice and there is no dilution. I have them a few days a week. Or buy strawberries frozen in the bag and just add them to the same effect.
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