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I've had the Lowndes in tan for about 5 years and love them. I've promised myself I wasn't buying anymore shoes for a year, but I'm getting a Woodie thinking about the Chapels. When I go to San Francisco next month I think my suitcase will be a little heavier.
When it is in season the Columbian Esmerelda Geisha is incredible. Any other time Ethiopian Yrgecheffe is great.
If in San FRancisco go to NM to the shoe dept and ask for Roger Baumann. A real pro who still calls me in Pittsburgh when there is a pair of Lobbs that might interest me.
I love the croissant french toast but when I crave a pancake or my grandkids want some I use the Kenyon Mills mix from RI. They have a number of very tasty blends.
Bexley are sized and have a multiple order discount.
This has been a pretty expensive month so far. Three Samuelson suits, one Phineas shirt, pair of C&J johdpurs and C&J Westbourne. I'm not done yet because I'll be in San Francisco for two weeks and I always spend money there.
I just got a pair yesterday and they are going to the top of my wear list.
I have that shoe and it's great. I did darken it a bit with saphir polish but they are great.
I have loved it since I was a kid. A restaurant I used to go to in Providence used to take the leftovers and grill it and serve it on a portuguese roll with homemade ketchup. Man that used to really blow me away.
I wear an 8.5 in all my English shoes and 9 in us shoes. What does that correspond to in a Vass?
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