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Though most here are against black shoes, I've got my heart set on a pair of JL City II in black suede. I've got other black shoes and bunches of JLs those black suede gave me a woodie.
There are numerous good to great restaurants in RI. In Newport, try Yesterdays. It's been there for at least 30 yrs. Also the Black Pearl for great chowder. In Providence any place owned by John Elkhay. XO is an old favorite. Mills Tavern is in the same block. Providence is also the birthplace of Capitol Grill. Federal Hill is full of Italian places. I lived there for 18 yrs and miss the diversity of the food. Good luck and enjoy. Also you might try 1149 Restaurant in East...
I grew up in a little western PA town and we couldn't wait for the park to open in the summer so we coud get our fries in a paper cone with vinegar and I love them that way to this day. The park is long closed but my fry habit lives on.
Pepperoni and sausage when I order. But I get a large and reheat with my own salt cured anchovies the next day.
I've fallen in love with the lebanese meat pies and serve them with some whole milk lebanese or greek yogurt.
I just saw his show for the first time tonight and he does indeed look very well turned out. I can't say the same for his contestants especially the ones with the facial tattoos and lack of teeth.
If you're in Cleveland you might try Mike The Hatter. I've ordered a couple fedoras from him and the service is always prompt.
I am constantly amazed by the large number of guys AND girls who haven't got the basic survival skills. Get a Joy of Cooking and learn to make at least one dish no matter how many times you have to try until you get it right. I learned to cook so I could better seduce women and it's done me pretty well. And learn to set a table!!!
Meltonian has a couple of blue creams but for the real shine Saphir has a blue wax that is great. I have a pair of Lobb midnight blue shoes and that polish makes them look marvelous.
^^ No I order it on line from Peets. The ration for this season is gone but it was fantastic. But the Ethiopean is pretty much available year round and from a number of websites.
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