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I put them in their bags and then in the bottom of my wardrobes. I also put my hats in hat boxes and also put them in the bottom of a wardrobe. Mylast trip was 10 wardrobes so there was plenty of room. But after a few years of SF and AAAC I'll need more wardrobes.
I've cooked most everything anytime on the grill. One of my favorites is pizza. But I've done prime rib, turkeys. Just about anything you can do in an oven I've done on the grill. It gets a little rough in the winter.
One of the things I liked about the Reidel glasses is they advertise they can go in the dishwasher and I've been doing it now for the last 15 years with no harm.
Looks like he borrowed it from his mother. My mother had one exactly like that.
I had a similar incident going to San Francisco last year. I put my good lighter in my toiletry kit cause I didn't want it taken by TSA. The kit was stolen but the thieves left three pairs of Lobb shoes. I hope their taste doesn't improve. In the meantime I will be forwarding my luggage for a little more safety.
My first double monk was the Lowndes, then the Mora in brown suede. The loundes is much nicer. That is until you get to the Chapel. That is a shoe.
Having been hit with $2000. in fraudulent charges over the weekend do whatever you can to make your transaction as safe as possible.
I love the Hanger Project. They are a little expensive but they do come in different sizes. They are beautifully made and there's a discount for SF users.
Not on the worst day of my life.
My grandmother used to make it when I was a kid and I hated it. Now that I've learned to eat most everything I love the stuff and wish she were here to make it for me.
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