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Paul stuart has peccary lined with cashmere in two colors.Ben Silver also has an unlined peccary pair in tobacco. Both run about $250.
I've used one for about 30 years and it makes the best coffee. The filters aren't cheap but well worth it. I find them readily around Pittsburgh and they can always be had from Sweet Maria's
I had a Samuelson 3Piece made last year, The vest has lapels. In the newest Fall line the exact same suit is there. It is the Grey Pinstripe worn with the purple Gingham shirt. They are identical and gets compliments every time I wear it. I've seen other items that looked like the ones I had made.
With Chemex you do need to use their filters but the coffee is always great and always available from Sweet Maria's. Plus it is a very elegant looking pot to put on the table after dinner.
Mine look great with my moleskins.
Chemex makes between 6 and 10 cups at a time and filters out all the impurities. Afterall it was invented in a lab.
I've used a Chemex coffee maker for 30 years and it makes the best coffee.
The first shoes I wore when I entered grade school were monks. They were the only ones that fit my then very narrow feet. At the time I hated them as they were always brown. When I got older I looked at them in a new light. Now they are among my favorites in both single and double. Now the shoe I don't get is the bal boots. I think they are horrid. But thats just me.
I've been going to Capitol Grills for years starting with 3 years going to the original. Been going to the one in Pittsburgh since they opened and have never been disappointed.
Saphir has red cream that I've used.
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