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There are plenty of beautiful, fancy blenders on the market but the Oster I bought in 1964 is still running strong and the only thing I've replaced is the rubber gasket.
My last trip I took the easy way out and shipped a suitcase ahead. Most of my suits and shoes were in my big bag and I was left with a carryon for my toiletries and meds. I won't do a long trip again without preshipping.
Just ordered 10 pair yesterday from Hansons. They are a pretty good store to deal with especially for this sale.
Newberry and Holborn
I second the bar at Campton Place. Nice drinks and food plus a better class of ladies stop for lunch. Then you can walk around the corner to Wilkes Bashford.
I love Soba. You can count me in. It's about time Pgh had a meetup. Looking forward to it.
I have the identical rack but mine is from J&M. I have 5 stacked and they work just fine.
You might try Bexley. They have a quantity discount and are sized. I've had good luck with mine.
I don't think you can go wrong with Bookster. I have 2 pair and 2 more in progress. The only problem is that right now is the busy season and I won't get them until after Christmas. But they are well worth the wait.
Here in Pittsburgh we have They have good variety and the prices are fair. They also have a nice selection of teas. I don't even go downtown any more, I just go online and in a couple of days the order is here.
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