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I love the Bexley because they come sized and as you buy more the price decreases somewhat.
You might try Bexley as they are size specific. I use them for the shoes that didn't come with trees with no problem.
I wear them with my moleskins. I also wear johdpurs with moleskins and cords.
You might try O'connells. Their service is truly excellent and the prices were just lowered. I ordered on Mon and it arrived at my door on Wed. I got a British Warm but I seem to remember a Navy one.
Cioppino has a cigar room and is open on Sun. Capitol Grill opens at 5 on Sun has a couple of private rooms.
I'm a big fan of Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce. It's a matter of taste though.
I don't live in SF either but I'm there often to visit my daughter. The staff have never failed to be utterly professional and polite. And as a Recent senior citizen I love the store and never fail to leave with a Wilkes bag or an order to be delivered to me here. I bought my first pair of Lobbs there and many pairs after along with everything a well dressed man can use. I can't wait until my next trip out to see my daughter so I can get over to Wilkes.
Natasha, since you are in Pittsburgh, take a trip down to Joseph Orlando and talk to the owner or his son. Both are very gracious men and will give you the help you need. They don't carry the brands your man wears but their level of quality is right up there with the best in every area you named. Good luck in your wedding.
My first pair of high-end shoes were Lowndes and I haven't looked back. I'm up to 6 pair now and they always get compliments. I love them.
Weymouth-I have it in two colors and they constantly get complimented. They shine up beautifully.
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