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Does anyone have a Thinkpad tablet? I am looking at picking one up this week, they look pretty cool. 
Hooked up with her again last night. Tried to be as straight up as I could. She still said no to sex but we fooled around for a while.  We both have classes at 8:30 this morning, so i am just on my way out the door for a coffee run.  Thanks for all your help on this SF! 
Alright, I'll call her later this afternoon and be more straight-up.  Don't worry about being harsh, I came here for advice, my internet thick-skin is on.    I've always been a pretty shy guy, and moving from a small town to the city for school is already a bit of a culture shock for me.   
I'm not trying to make myself sound like a stud. This is my freshman year, and although I certainly had a solid and female filled highschool career, my experience with same-night semi-drunken hookups is almost zero.      Dropped her a text earlier tonight, we chatted for a little while. Although almost every text she sent me sounded pretty flirty, she didn't jump on my hints of getting together tonight.  All in all, I have a pretty good feeling about all this, I really...
Haha alright guys, Thanks for the advice.  Tuesday night is sounding like the winner
Hey SF, I can't think of anyone else on the internet who can better help me with my current dilemma.   So I met this girl last night while I was out getting a late night burrito with some friends (I'm a university student). We instantly hit it off, and I invited her to come back to a party my friends house that we were heading too.   On the way over, I learned that this girl lives one floor above me, not sure how I didn't meet her until now.   Because it was...
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