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Thanks for the input earlier in the thread guys, after going shopping the sales person led me to this little beauty rather than the other two. Going to end up costing me less than a $100, which is always nice. There should be no problem dressing this one with a suit right (the original purpose of the watch, though this one is more versatile than what I was looking at before)? Thanks for the input.  
I understand the sentiment but part of the reason I'm on the budget is because I've lost approximately 90lbs this year, still planning on losing some more, then gaining more muscle after that (re lots of new clothes to buy). Plus I really do like the look of those watches, despite the price, just not to the tune of getting both for color considerations. I love the simple face, quality tech (even with an unlimited budget, I really don't see much value in mechanical...
Edit. Double post.
On an extreme budget so I am deciding between two different watches for a dress watch. Well they are basically the same watch but different colors and I was wondering which one I should go for.   The gold tone one:     or the silver/white     I kind of like the gold one more (just barely) but I think the later might be more appropriate/versatile as a dress watch. I love the eco-drive tech and domed style of this watch (both look better in person,...
  The only major difference I can find is that the originals use a Crepe sole and the Bushacres are a different type of rubber. Since the Bushacres are cheaper and (some argue) have the better sole, it seems like a good way to go.  
I got a four as well, which I'll take considering my mediocre, non calibrated monitor while half a sleep.
Hello. My name is Peter. Been a lazy neckbeard slob for all my life. Decided recently that I was going to do something about it. I had no idea about style but always look to enthusiast forums to provide assistance. Can't afford 90% of the stuff here haha but knowing where to start should be a fun experience.
Thanks for the heads up/advice. The boots I got from work (part time at a Macy's), it was a combo employee discount, coupon, and weird clearance deal/mixup in my size. The Bushacre were much more inline with what everyone else pays (minus the discount).  
So I got two pairs of Desert Boots today (my first two), an oakwood DB and a brown suede Bushache. The Oakwood are a little more light brown/yellowish than they looked in pictures. Does the color wear down over time? What goes well with them? I got the DBs for like $30 bucks so it feels like a waste to return them over color. Any advice would be welcome.
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