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Got mine.  Took just under 7 weeks, but they look and fit well, and the price is obv good, so I'm happy.
Thanks for recommendations.  I am a 36 usually unless the cut is aggressively slim.
Prob would spend ~500 for a nice jacket.  I'd consider getting a navy blazer, I just tend to not be a huge gold button fan (high school uniform flashbacks prob).
Hey all,   I need to get my first sportcoat.  It needs to be versatile, so I was thinking a lighter grey, either glenplaid or houndstooth.   Situations I would wear this would be basically as a slightly dressed up biz casual.  I am in front of customers quite a bit where they're in biz casual and I want to be 1 notch higher without suiting up.   Also, I am really thin, like 6' 140 so I need to find a designer who makes athletic slimmer fitting jackets, so it...
Its pretty hilarious that people on this forum can be huge proponents of sartorial ultra high end brand clothing due to their quality differences, but at the same time say that spending more than 100 bucks on a watch is silly because there's no quality difference.
Laptop:  4 lbs Projector:  2 lbs tablet: 2 lbs cords/chargers: 2 lbs Misc/Documents: 2 lbs   Prob around 20 lbs, bag inclusive.
Spot on what I was looking for.  Thanks for the post.   For future posters, anything else like this that may be less expensive, maybe a little less heavy?  If not, I'll pull the trigger on a couple of these babies.
I know that there are a billion threads on this, and I did search quite a bit, but I think my requirements are at least a little unique, so  figured Id start thread # 4532.   Here we go:   1)  Must be high quality leather that will last a decade or more with near daily use. 2)  Must have a relatively timeless professional look that will still work many years from now. 3)  Must be able to hold more than most bags I've found - a laptop, potentially a very small...
Lol all you guys getting indignant and pist and vowing never to shop there again are cute.   This is the way of the internet in the 21st century.  Companies can and will cancel any order, at any time, for any reason.  Until it's in your hands, don't expect to get it.  I've had things rerouted by fedex back to a seller after being shipped to me.   A reasonable person would not expect a well established premium brand retailer to firesale their entire catalog @ 50%...
slickdeals / fatwallet
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