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Usually I have either porridge (although unfortunately usually instant microwave porridge) or all bran cereal, with a banana sliced up and raisins. Never got into the cooked breakfast malarky.
You can try using bodyweight exercises - things like press/push ups, pull/chin ups etc. I know it sounds like they aren't much compared to free weights, but there are actually lots of variations (intensity, time, combinations) that mean you can really mix things up and get a really good workout regardless of your level. I've been reading a book called "You are your own gym" which I've found really helpful as I've been getting into shape too. The book has over 100...
I'm a bit new at this style lark, but have been reading up a little about it as of late. The advice about buying a hat all seems to relate to the shape of your face - i.e. choosing a hat that will complement your facial features. The thing is I'm not really sure how to describe my face - I know my face is pretty long, but not really sure about what my jaw line is like or my chin. What style of hat would you recommend, based on what would go with my face? Thanks
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