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Have always liked the Appleby, could not get them from my local shop before as I was told that Alfred Sargent no longer wanted to do that level of shoe so was surprised to see them. Maybe a change of heart or other ranges not doing as well as hoped! Anyway good to see them.
love the Grant wholecuts!
I was talking to someone in the trade and the information passed on is that Alfred Sargent was indeed in serious trouble, like 11th hour serious trouble. Only the intervention of one of their customers buying into the company prevented them from closing. Major problems from concentrating mainly on the higher end lines and not the bread and butter. Also said that all is now ok due to the input of the new joint owners and shoes are indeed very good quality.
Lodger moved their production to Cheaneys over a year ago due to the problems at AS. Quality wise I can not comment as I have not purchased a pair recently from lodger. I would think that Cheaneys are selling re-branded seconds like most factories do.
Countbaron, for someone who has 176 posts compared to my 4 (as you seem to be so keen on the amount I have posted I also wanted to let you know that I have just had 3 pints, eaten 1 piece of fish and just spent 20 pounds at the shop) I have always gone down the route of quality rather than quantity and can quite clearly see that your posts are pure drivel. I have not the faintest clue as to what you are even trying to suggest however let me try and help you. Please let...
From what I understand the Lodger branding is changing to Lutwyche and will still be made at the current factory to the same high standard.
Handgrade are nice shoes but I prefer the Premier Range.
some nice looking Sanders casual styles.
stunning shoes!
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