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 I believe it is an Olympus micro 4/3rds
The tree and thinness of the sole look like Carmina, although I am not familiar with that model   Note - I am a Carmina fan, not knocking the sole.... the nails in the toe are great for people like me who are hard on toes.
 The Whitney is having a big Jeff Koons retrospective, if that is your cup of tea. Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie is good stuff. A good all day museum game plan is to do breakfast there, finish 10 minutes before the galleries open, bask in the Klimts , and then go to the Met which is 6ish blocks south, or the Guggenheim which is 3 blocks north. The G'heim has an Italian Futurist show on
http://www.yoox.com/us/41403413OA/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41403413OA&sizeId=4   If you, Mr US 40 / IT 50 ever have the need to play dress up, kick the tires on this.   I bought this at > 2x the price, and am really, really happy with it. If this were a 52, I'd buy it as a spare at this price   It is nowhere as shiny, nor as light colored as the Yoox floodlights are causing glare off the silk content to make it appear.   It is completely, utterly...
I like the Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian - on a bang for buck basis, I'd much rather spend at their prices than the breakfast options in the MGM   Ditto on Lotus of Siam
 Are 1 and 3 the same square? I think a white linen square would work better, as well as a rework of the fold.
I'd argue there are different types of pennies.   There are the trad American style, rounder lasts.   Some of the Europeans like Carmina (Simpson last),  Crockett and Jones, and Ralph Lauren's made in Italy are pretty sleek. My pennies skew in this direction, and it is hard to imagine me wearing shorts with them.   Some makers have models that skew casual - Epaulet in NY carries a Carmina handsewn moc penny - these are far less sleek than the Carmina Simpson last...
The knit shirts are... interesting. It is hard to think of a tie to wear with them - the shirt has a lot of texture, and wearing a knit tie seems like you are doubling down.   Conversely, I am not sure if I'd like a linen or linen blend tied with it.
 Given that Outlook has: The ability to send a message at a certain point in time - "do not deliver before"The ability to send a read receiptSupport macros I wonder if anyone has written a macro or some such that sends read receipts using the do not deliver before feature - so they show up months or years later
Unfortunately the new Frans site is hopeless on a 7 inch tablet
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