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Looking like me
Look how sad Gerry is when he cannot display his posture
I don't remember where Paul Stuart is vis a vis the red line. Also don't have much experience with the slimness of their shirts.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/467587/rory-duffy-the-unmaking-of-a-coat/0_10   Get your popcorn ready
https://thearmoury.com/catalogs/shop/accessories/shoes/carmina-10082-simpson-loafer-brown-suede I wear them with jeans, white cotton linen pants in the summer, and flannel on bone dry winter days.
Had a similar experience in May when I wanted to watch the Chelsea Leicester City game that would decide the EPL- at night, trying in vain to find that English or Irish place I just know is somewhere around the Duomo
NMWA carries them, but not sure a white belt is their style. I think they trade under the name CSD Farnese
  This looks well made in a cool color. Too similar in color to a Boglioli K jacket I have for me to take a shot   http://www.styleforum.net/t/525269/nwt-salvatore-piccolo-forest-green-flannel-sportcoat-40-50/0_10
Black or nearly-black-they-are-so-dark-brown loafers are the answer to a question no one needs to ask
I have at least 6 Boglioli jackets, and I am hesitant to make bold claims. I am a IT 52, and I have one K that is probably closer to a 51, and another that is like a 53.Boglioli works well for me because I am a bit long armed and athletic built for my height - if I need a 50 at 6ft, the length would start to be an issue.If you are short armed and or real lean, arm and or coat length will likely be an issue
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