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He is a poker player
Go to both. One was accessories and shoes, but both are worth a look
Yes, same size. The loafers are the 10082, Armoury stocks them
I can't wear Uetam in my normal size because it hits my 4th or 5th toe. Whereas Simpson is probably my best fitting last - I have 2 loafers and 3 oxfords in it. I haven't been able to try sizing up on Uetam.
I wear the same size Olfe and Simpson. I tend to think Rain won't work for me period. U last doesn't work either
"What do I need to do to put you in this banana hammock today?"
That is shortenable - they undo the 4 stiches, awl a new hole, restich
Boston has a daily direct to Istanbul - when looking at cheapest flights BOS to Europe, you need to make sure Turkish Air isn't proposing a 12 to 36 hour layover therefore.
Windows apps are not portable. Meaning, if you have the original install files, install the apps on windows 8. There is generally no way to move an application from one Windows (7) install to another (8 or otherwise). The old hard drive with Windows 7 may not be bootable on the new PC. You should be able to mount it, and copy data off of it while inside Windows 8, but don't expect to be able to move the applications and have them work. Only incredibly simplistic...
EG typically markets with 2 sizes - UK/US
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