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Is @SpooPoker that size? I recall he was once lusting over these - he tipped me off to the Ralph Lauren version, for which I still owe him karma.
Carmina upcharges 50% for made to order over stock prices. They do jodphurs on a couple lasts. I don't think you are looking for a Chelsea if you don't like the elastic. I think Carmina has a light yellowish brown suede
 I am a 42 in a lot of Italian jackets. I went with a 44 in the shawl collar, and am happy with it. I don't think sleeve length is a concern - I have the long ass cuffs doubled back on themselves.
 It AMAZES me that Amazon shows me lenses for incompatible camera bodies. If I bought a body from you within the past two years, what is the likelihood I am looking for a lens for a different platform?
 Doesn't EG charge less for unlined chukkas?
I like the twill as I don't like many blue tweeds. The unfunded liabilities thread has the most traffic for discussing fabrics
That coat plays up the military inspiration heavily - the buttons going all the way up is unusual. It looks short - if it doesn't cover the lengths of you suit/sport coats, that is a terrible look. So, it may not be as versatile as you'd like
Steve, do you have a table of Carmina euro belt sizing to your sizing? I think I am a 90
It doesn't work on all items. It worked on a Boglioli that was added just recently, but not on an Isaiah that must have been returned as it magically reappeared in my saved items heavily discounted
I would try sizing up the jacket. It is short and tight in a variety of places
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