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Please tell me that neither this nor the StyFo events are the Eidos MTM events.
In the upper left corner of that photo, the white highlights look blown out - the exposure may be off. You might want to look for other photos of Carmina with purple sock liners to compare color to try to determine if the exposure of this photo is off
I rarely find anything both wearable and purchasable. I am looking for NY slim fit in a 42. Of course, as I look in another tab, there is a pretty good blue pencil stripe broadcloth
So sorry to hear that VaderDave
 The supplier took enough hours off your life, eh? I had misgivings because some of the folks wearing them seem to have a 3ish inch gap in the front...perhaps I am waiting for the double breasted Arjak
If the Arjak gets a second incarnation in a future season, I'd like it with a larger size option. I am a 42, but was worried about insufficient slouch.
I am not aware of a way to do this on the cheap.   Some footwear makers will allow you to customize an existing last - I had a pair of shoes Made to Order (MTO) at Stefano Bemer, and they would have been willing to customize a last for me - basically, if an existing last was slightly off on fit, add leather to make it wider, etc. I believe Vass from Budapest, and St Crispins allows for something similar - but I think these are academic points for you, as it doesn't sound...
Any word on Marcoliani loafer sock restock? Are the Italians still holidaying?
One of the negative aspects of the current structure is that almost as a rule, one of the 5 or so megathreads in the Culture forum has most recently been posted to, so if you are looking at the list of all the forums, you rarely see something different for the newest posted-to thread for that forum. Not very effective in pulling people in.   SW&D seems to get a lot of US dining thoughts,but I tend to imagine I won't easily find them the next time I am in NYC.   It is...
That Albion is weird looking boot - blucher, metal eyelets, but a very dainty toe box. Seems confused.
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