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What temperature ranges does this stuff work in?   Is it is 65F and raining, will it run too hot?
Is that coat from this year? I like the liner color in conjunction with the jade
EG on the 888 last?
Uzbekistan. Sheep bladders are involved
I think that tie is ok there. With blue on blue, I want the blue of the tie to be at least as dark as the suit, and you check that box
The issue is that muppets make bold declarative statements about percentage of purchase in fees when the reality is likely a fixed handling fee and a variable customs fee. Admittedly the % of purchase can hurt, but are any of the % cited indicative of what anyone else would experience?
Those EG Shannons are horrific. Tri-color bal boot with metal eyelets is a complete and utter bastardization of a bal boot. I am heathen who doesn't understand EG Galways as a general rule - why should a rugged boot tend to have a grained leather shaft, but smooth leather lowers? Don't you want the grained leather where the abuse will tend to occur? Seems to be upside down...
"Smallpox blanket"
The green loafers are Carmina, I believe with a custom patina from their shop in Paris.
They are corny as shit. Buy Chelseas instead. Lazyman= the aluminum siding of shoes
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