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Was there last May. They can ship to the US
Good luck. I am 6 ft flat, 180? and a 42 jacket, and an XL in the Stark. I can't see you not needing XXL, which may be short on you   Carmina coming to Barney's
Pleats are on the rebound.   My only concern with those pants is how the recut would come out
The Salvatore Piccolo boutique does bespoke in their shop, as well as RTW. There was a bit of a language barrier, but I got the impression there is no MTM there. If I had more time when I was there in May, I would have tried their bespoke. I like their RTW a lot, but the buys in the US seem to skew towards casual
 The original premise was buying a bag on the basis of having a permanent accessory slot for a water bottle.... as in, every day carry of water. Since you seem to endorse every day carry, please share with us what cell phone belt clip you are using for your Nextel, and what multitool you carry in case of ISIS under the bed
Carrying around water bottles is the most honky cracker basic bitch shit. You don't need water at arm's reach to get through life. Meriwether Lewis and Clark- no fucking nalgene bottles. Marco Polo? Homeboy didn't die of cancer from BPA from sucking on some plastic tit. How have I travelled through 30 something countries? On occasion, buy a litre bottle of water. Consume some, secure twist top, insert in messenger bag. If necessary, procure second litre of water.
They are acting as your customs broker, which is a a different, but related business.   Imagine you are moving from Rotterdam to Manhattan - is it not conceivable that the company X says the cost of a shipping container one way is Z, but the customs fees will be 125% of whatever US customs assesses?   Basically, moving stuff around is one line of business, managing that stuff through customs is a different line. The size of a customs fee from the US .gov may be a...
Sunglasses are a medical product, not clothing, and have different customs rules in the US
Axels I believe is a menswear store in Denver, or elsewhere in CO. I believe they may by like RLPL in that they order D width for their Teddy Green's, so those of y'all with expansive feet may want to look carefully. They also have some nice looking Mazzarelli shirts
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