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They may need the leave a half inch to fold in the edge, secure the lining, etc. It would look like it was someone else's coat unfortunately
There is no way to do this on the cheap. Having the buttons flush with the end of the sleeve is an unfortunate look. Taking sleeves up at the sleevehead is major surgery, if it is possible at all
Image issue seems to have been resolved
I think the scale of the puppytooth coat and the dots of the weave of the tie are too close. The striped rep tie is the right idea, but this one is more than just a striped rep
Those are chukkas.
So August?   You might want to look into spending some time on the Curonian Spit. I spent a couple days in Nida between Riga and going to Vilnius.
I am ready to be anointed anti-spam moderator rights on weekends. I don't want to adjudicate anything other than posters with < 10 posts.
 Do any Boglioli sport coats *not* have functioning buttonholes? The length of Boglioli sleeves is perfect for me, but if someone needs to shorten them by an inch or more, it is unfortunately not the brand for you. Conversely, LBM 1911 coats are 1-1.5 inches too short for me.
Mid Sept should be fine. A few years ago I did a southern Sweden and Finland trip late August into mid September, and the weather was great. However, the Swedes really consider Sept 1 to be the end of summer, and some of the schedules changed for touristic activities, so you may want to see if that is true there as well.   Its been a decade since I went to the Baltic countries, and was July when I went. All three capitals are worth spending a few days in.
 I think this is why people forget Cornell is an Ivy
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