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I like the twill as I don't like many blue tweeds. The unfunded liabilities thread has the most traffic for discussing fabrics
That coat plays up the military inspiration heavily - the buttons going all the way up is unusual. It looks short - if it doesn't cover the lengths of you suit/sport coats, that is a terrible look. So, it may not be as versatile as you'd like
Steve, do you have a table of Carmina euro belt sizing to your sizing? I think I am a 90
It doesn't work on all items. It worked on a Boglioli that was added just recently, but not on an Isaiah that must have been returned as it magically reappeared in my saved items heavily discounted
I would try sizing up the jacket. It is short and tight in a variety of places
This is a lousy camera angle, but you should try both a 40L and maybe a 42R. The button point looks very high, and this may just not be the cut for you - I believe they tend to skew towards the style du jour which is a higher buttoning point.   The coat sleeves should be where your shirt sleeves are. You need more width in the back as the shoulders look like and the coat is sitting on your backside - hard to judge the real length as a result.
 Yep, the IM Pei Bank of China skyscaper in HK was shown
 Nah - the seller's jodhpur and 2 eyelet bluchers are where it is at. There is some shopwear on some (you can see the creases) but the soles look minty fresh. They are AS exclusive range makeups for Paul Stuart, I believe. Of course, the jodhpurs are 1 size large, and the bluchers 1 size small.
That very much looks like an orphan -resolves to a solid grey, flapped pockets
Cotton should tend to wrinkle. You might want to wear it and see how the sleeves look after a day
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