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Mildly informed commentary from someone who hasn't worn a suit this year:   Black shoes are overrated. If you don't have the black shoe to wear with a tux, you are clearly not a regular black shoe wearer.   Therefore, dropping 1k on black calf skin shoe is a curious line of thinking.   Carmina and Edward Green will work in patent leather. I am not sure how Carmina's are constructed, but EG are cemented, and thus cheaper than regular EG pricing.   If you have no...
If you had proper cuffs, you might be ok - your 1.75 on your 42 inch inseam is skimpy
Boglioli is fairly typical in length, except for the K jackets, which are a bit shorter. I would be hesitant to wear a suit cut in the length of K, but I can hang with it as a casual odd jacket.I tend to discount a bit how stuff looks on models as I expect them to be 6ft something in a 38. That all said, that MMM looks short, but if you can find back of collar measurements you should get a feel for how long it will wear
I get warnings when I am within 300MB of my 5.something GB limit
That's an orphan. . Avoid
I own at least 4 pairs of loafers. That either makes me a subject matter expert, or an irredeemable decision maker. Marcoliani work for me
 Just to mess you up, the 3rd element is color. Captoe unbrogued light colored suede shoes are a bit of a curious beast - the style skews formal, the materials and color do not. I have Carmina austerity brogue oxfords in snuff suede with pinked edging that I am comfortable wearing with jeans, but I am admittedly a bit of a heathen when it comes to oxfords and jeans. The unbrogued captoe is a bit out of my comfort zone for such a light colored suede
I am anti-tote in general, so I may be a neanderthal.   I am not sure what that bag is supposed to be - it has the rounded top with the extended zipper, but I am not sure why that access is needed because the bottom half of the bag is fairly rigid - it isn't clear you really need a wide mouth opening to load the bag. Basically, if you want a briefcase, get a briefcase. If you want a tote, get a tote. This is something in between, and ends up nowhere
I think it might be tied to email. The only way I got it to work was to open my webmail in a private browsing session, and click through the email to farfetch
@Kent Wang I am fairly certain that is Teju lizard. Carmina works with it
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