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Cotton should tend to wrinkle. You might want to wear it and see how the sleeves look after a day
Also, Meermin is on Coello, and the street may have other places worth a look
They could easily still be wet. The photos indicate this is exactly the case.   I am not an expert here, but I am in a similar predicament - I am carting around a pair of brogues that got soaked end to end. I did not have any newspaper to stuff them with to hold their shape. With no trees inside them, they took at least 48 hours to dry out. I didn't put trees inside them as I figured they needed as much open surface area as possible to dry out.   They are now bone dry...
That looks like ferocious pocket flare. I don't know if there will be enough in the seat to let it out.
Only a couple of times per year. They seem to a a 20% off sales items only after they do a free shipping for things on sale during what I think are biannual sales. You may be 4-5 months away from the next one.
As a guy who skews CM, I think the Unfunded Liabilities thread is the wrong idea - you don't want a monolithic thread for the breadth of textiles suitable for SWD. I think it would be more useful for Japanese textiles and Navajo, etc to have their own threads, even if they are more likely to drop down the list of recent threads.
@mgd83 - I am afraid the square is a little too giddy up cowboy for pinstripes.
I was really hoping for more posts about gemming
They may need the leave a half inch to fold in the edge, secure the lining, etc. It would look like it was someone else's coat unfortunately
There is no way to do this on the cheap. Having the buttons flush with the end of the sleeve is an unfortunate look. Taking sleeves up at the sleevehead is major surgery, if it is possible at all
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