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I am ready to be anointed anti-spam moderator rights on weekends. I don't want to adjudicate anything other than posters with < 10 posts.
 Do any Boglioli sport coats *not* have functioning buttonholes? The length of Boglioli sleeves is perfect for me, but if someone needs to shorten them by an inch or more, it is unfortunately not the brand for you. Conversely, LBM 1911 coats are 1-1.5 inches too short for me.
Mid Sept should be fine. A few years ago I did a southern Sweden and Finland trip late August into mid September, and the weather was great. However, the Swedes really consider Sept 1 to be the end of summer, and some of the schedules changed for touristic activities, so you may want to see if that is true there as well.   Its been a decade since I went to the Baltic countries, and was July when I went. All three capitals are worth spending a few days in.
 I think this is why people forget Cornell is an Ivy
Hey Charlie,   Did the damascus buckles ever transpire?
Edit: wrong number:   866-493-7140 Payment processing Option 2     You can call UPS, and pay the COD balance with a credit card.
That looks like an orphan suit jacket - subtle windows panes are for suits, not sport coats.
 I believe it is an Olympus micro 4/3rds
The tree and thinness of the sole look like Carmina, although I am not familiar with that model   Note - I am a Carmina fan, not knocking the sole.... the nails in the toe are great for people like me who are hard on toes.
 The Whitney is having a big Jeff Koons retrospective, if that is your cup of tea. Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie is good stuff. A good all day museum game plan is to do breakfast there, finish 10 minutes before the galleries open, bask in the Klimts , and then go to the Met which is 6ish blocks south, or the Guggenheim which is 3 blocks north. The G'heim has an Italian Futurist show on
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