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I think it might be tied to email. The only way I got it to work was to open my webmail in a private browsing session, and click through the email to farfetch
@Kent Wang I am fairly certain that is Teju lizard. Carmina works with it
The knit shirts are "interesting"   For summer wear, I prefer linen. The knits shirts provide some visual interest, but I think they wear a bit hot. Basically, my shirt spent most of last summer buried in my closet, and I kinda think that was for a reason
I'd like a blue shirt there - from the waist up, the palette of an insurance claims office. All excellent pieces, but when you need to see grey trousers for a little color, something is amiss
It's too big. Too long in the sleeves, too much shoulder extension, and the collar floats above his neck
My non-helpful answer is that they fit differently - Simpson is longer,Uetam is shorter and rounder. I cannot wear Uetam in the same size as it sits on my 4th toe. I haven't been able to try Uetam a half size larger
I'd think you are likely fine.
What type of fabric?   If it is wool, you should be fine.   Cotton, perhaps not
Culturally, if you are an architecture fan, look into doing the tour of Alvar Aalto's house and studio
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