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A slightly contrarian opinion:   I am somewhat anticuff for jeans with sport coats. Furthermore, turning up a half inch seems a bit fidgety. I have a fairly rigid pair of RRL jeans I will only wear with chunkier knitwear, cuffed with boots as I haven't bothered to have 1-1.5 inches taken off - I also don't really think I'd wear them with a sport coat even if I did have them hemmed.   Finally, I am pro pocket square, as wool-silk squares are one of life's pleasures, and...
 Clearly Spoo would be a fool for putting socks on sale. Or shoes
 There is a solution http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/286/jacketing/fox-exford-tweed-jacketing 
 Old timey. Has a strong likelihood of making something look tired. In 2017, you are already exhibiting some degree of weirdness by wearing tweed - if it has leather buttons or an action back or bellows pockets, it likely looks costume.  
Those shirts look ridiculously pinned. If they are not pinned, they will be a bear to wear. Shirts that are that tight are not wearable tucked into trousers - rotate to your side, or sit down, and pulling will occur that will untuck the shirt.   Having an alterationist dart a shirt will slim the torso
 I change it up - I had the need to be a pretend salaryman internationally for a couple weeks , whereas I am almost never in a tie at home. I am not likely to be in a sport coat if I am going to watch football at a bar... and all this works across the 4 seasons I live in, so yeah, I probably own too many clothes, but I potentially find myself in 20-95F every year.  From a pure style perspective, not as wide - I occupy the boring fringes of SW&D at my extreme - Schneider...
https://www.carminashoemaker.us/mens-loafers/penny-loafers-brown-suede-10082   Are you in the market for a place to stay in Milan? If you are arriving late, I don't have a place for you, but otherwise can dig up a great BnB with great tram + walking access to the heart of Milan.
A grey cardigan is likely best avoided - it should be an opportunity to enjoy some color   A grey coat on grey trousers is a bit odd - most coats would tend to skew towards charcoal versus a dove grey. If both coat and pants were a mid grey, that may be a bit anonymous, which might be advantageous if you are looking to pick up a job for Vlad Putin now that ~35 jobs are open.... otherwise, perhaps best avoided.
 I had a bit of time to do some shopping in Milan this spring - I didn't bother entering the Lattanzi store, but I certain had a feeling a bit that the emperor has no clothes after looking at their extensive window display. I could see that some things were visually handmade... but at those price points, I don't want perceptibly handmade. Admittedly, we are certainly in the realm of diminishing returns when discussing shoes > $US500 a pair...
 The Vass thread is far, far less visually offensive than the EG and GG threads I am not sure I think Vass when I think longwing. I have some ideas about a 3 eyelet derby, goyser, in an eggplant / bordeaux / oxblood I wish Vass had a true pingrain leather
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