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http://www.yoox.com/us/41493510VE/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41493510VE&sizeId=3   Unstructured linen/cotton in a size 38 in a nice blue shade and a chunky hopsack-ey looking fabric.
Thumb comments - there wasn't proper AB testing - we went from 1 click to 2 click thumbs, which incidentally added the option to comment. They should have been reintroduced with a new icon along side the old icon which kept a 1 click to thumb experience
Epaulet has done some - I have 2 pair of linen trousers from them
What is your current body? I went from the EP1 to the m5 and am thoroughly delighted - leap enough sensor generations and it feels like a no brainer
Not my cup of tea
1.I wear uk 10 in meermin olfe, Alfred Sargent 87 last10.5 in GG and Edward Green (the EG is D width Ralph Lauren)9.5 uk / 10.5 US in the RL / Crockett & Jones Gianni cordo boot which is known to run large
 I am a Simpson guy. I would likely either need to size up in Uetam (Armoury HK didn't have 10.5 in stock), or perhaps it doesn't work for me, period. Rain, I would need to size down, potentially a full size - I was astounded at how much heel gap there was - I wonder if it would ever work for me. Quality Shop, Skoaktiebolaget and the Armoury have pretty good Simpson collections. I haven't tried pinging Betty to see if Carmina has stock in something not on their e-shop
Locally grown cotton... California.   Where is the water coming from? San Diego would not seem to be a natural environment to grow cotton   http://average-rainfall.findthebest.com/l/44/San-Diego-California
 Yes, I bought a pair of Carmina from them with no issues - they have a good collection of Simpson lasted models. They took a bit of time to get here as the German post seemed to have a hiccup in getting things into NYC
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