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NMWA carries them, but not sure a white belt is their style. I think they trade under the name CSD Farnese
  This looks well made in a cool color. Too similar in color to a Boglioli K jacket I have for me to take a shot   http://www.styleforum.net/t/525269/nwt-salvatore-piccolo-forest-green-flannel-sportcoat-40-50/0_10
Black or nearly-black-they-are-so-dark-brown loafers are the answer to a question no one needs to ask
I have at least 6 Boglioli jackets, and I am hesitant to make bold claims. I am a IT 52, and I have one K that is probably closer to a 51, and another that is like a 53.Boglioli works well for me because I am a bit long armed and athletic built for my height - if I need a 50 at 6ft, the length would start to be an issue.If you are short armed and or real lean, arm and or coat length will likely be an issue
2.4 inch width knit ties are not that unusual
 I am way behind on this thread. At their shop in Florence, they were willing to MTO a shoe on a different last for me for a 100 Euro uplift. I will hopefully have them in ~6 weeks time. I thought all their lasts were lettered, not numbered?
Cotton/linen , linen, mainly in spring and summer. Fall/winter , pincord, flannel and some donegal wool. Basically, nothing that looks like it is part of a suit. I probably don't need any more shoes. A lot of loafers - mid brown suede is a staple, have them in navy suede, tan and darker brown calf. Other footwear returns to the rotation in the fall. Collar and maybe one button unbuttoned. No french cuffs.
Havent seen em @gdl203
They do, but a cap toe oxford is a fairly formal style. I wear austerity brogue snuff suede oxfords and brogued tan oxfords with jeans, but these may be too formal for me
What do you wear on weekends? I work in high tech, not engineering, and am in light to unstructured sport coats ~3x a week - no one else is, but I own my look and no one is rattled by it. I live in a place with 4 real seasons, and probably have too much for clothes - I probably could wear 100% linen for a week. No ties, and I keep suits out of the rotation - I am not inclined to go tieless in a suit
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