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I actually love what you chose! Very nice! Especially the Burberry piece. It definitely gives me some great ideas! Those are things I would not have chose because I dont have an eye for it but its definitely something she would wear and look great in!   And thank you for the kind words about our picture. :)
We are both young, but I dont see what that has anything to do with it
Ok, so Im sure I am not the only guy that has had this problem. This will be our first Christmas together and I want to get her something nice thats not jewelry (already have that picked out)    Of course I am talking to her friends to figure out what might be best but I figured I would try and get an opinion from guys who like dressing themselves too. She loves vintage styling, she wants to be Audrey Hepburn when she grows up haha. We dressed as Bonnie and Clyde for...
Oh yeah. I have a couple staple white and blue shirts. Even a few off colors like teal, purple and a few striped pieces as well. I had just never tried pairing a tie with this shirt. Thank you for your help! Now that I look at it, I completely agree.
Hello everyone,   As you can see I am new here but I had researched it and saw other people start threads asking the same questions for themselves only so I figured I would do the same. I bought this shirt the other day from Brooks Brothers, and was planning on wearing it to an event next week with a navy blue suit. I need help with matching ties. Its an artform I appreciate and love but have not yet figured...
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