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Let me tell you boys this(you'll probably laugh and point but whatever): Ladies love "Glacier Bay" which is a men's cologne found in Bath and Body Works. Every girl I've been by(friend, girlfriend, relative, stranger) absolutely loves the scent. Not only that, but it's cheap as all get out too. It's $20.00 for a pretty damn big bottle. Check it out...It won't disappoint.
Quote: Quote: (norcaltransplant @ Feb. 02 2005,11:51) Lol....MN Gotta love the humor of those Midwesterners Careful...I was raised in Minnesota, and have only escaped to the fashion headquarters of the midwest - North Dakota - in the last few years.   North Dakota ya say? LOL. Hey man, what constitutes as high fasion in North Dakota? Levi's or Dickies? Or is it just the High Sierra brand from Kmart? lol Seriously though,...
Quote: Lol....MN Gotta love the humor of those Midwesterners This is true...We're not as up on Fashion, but we do have that humor. We're still waiting for Hollister.
You're absolutely right he doesn't make men's shoes. He's still a FABULOUS designer and I give him his due.
Hey guys.  I'm Lou. I love style, and I love Jimmy Choo. And Jimmy's.
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