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I'm interested in buying this particular Drumohr cable knit rollback/turtleneck in geelong lambswool, size UK36/38 (IT46/48)   It was on sale at Trunk, but I missed my chance and the availability anywhere else is very low to nonexistent.   Primarily looking for a seller in Europe, but exceptions can be made
What is the "Ecowax" finish? Similar to Thornproof or Sylkoil or something new entirely?
Still available!
 Excellent! Due a good brushdown right now, but strong and supple.  Mocha suede Banburys are also doing well. 
Here's a pair of the awesome Marlow wingtips, sadly a half size too large on me. They've been worn some, but the soles are tough as nails and have plenty of wear in them. The soles have also been waterproofed with Collonil Sohlen Tonic. The uppers have been treated once with Saphir Renovateur before being shelved for the winter, I have not worn them since September. As you know, shell is quite tough to break in, and I'd say that these are still "in progress" on that front;...
US8 or UK8?
What UK/US size are the Butteros? Do they fit TTS or large?
 It would probably be easier and more aesthetic to put a few neat stitches through the pull tabs so they wouldn't jut out.
Some contrast between the shirt and the tie, please.
All of Vanda's offerings look great, but they're too wide for my taste and frame.
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