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what's your normal size in other shoes?  just buy the 9.5D and try it on.. keep the one that fits best.
Beckmans and Iron Rangers are on the same "8" last so they should fit similarly.  General consensus is they run long and narrow.   I bought the 9011 Beckmans last year and had to get size 9.5D to accomodate my wide feet.  I tried on the 9D and it was too tight.  My true size is 9D/E.  A couple months ago I got the 8113 Iron Rangers in 8.5 EE and the fit is spot on.  I would say the width on the 8.5EE and 9.5D are almost identical.   For reference: Chucks - 9 Clarks Desert...
Amazon has the 8113 Hawthorne Muleskinner in all widths/sizes for $179.90   no excuses.. go buy now!
j.crew's got some leather laces   patrick_b got some laces from Tandy Leather.  looks awesome on his GTs http://www.styleforum.net/t/65734/red-wing-gentlemans-traveler/1620#post_5799172
Nice BR suit.  I got the same one (and a couple more) on their 50% off F&F sale last week.  For the price they're impossible to beat. BR does outsource their tailoring to local businesses.  If you have a Luxe card w/ them basic tailoring (i.e. hemming pants) is free.
the 9011 (Black Cherry) and 9013 (Chestnut) are both Beckman boots..
Red Wing's size conversion chart shows UK 10 = US 11, but since these boots run 1/2 size large I would recommend trying on US 10.5
Hawthorne Muleskinner w/ blue benjos     When they were brand new I gave them two applications of ReviveX Water Repellant.  I wore them on a two week vacation to Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle where it rained 60% of the time and my feet were dry the whole time.   I'm really diggin' the indigo denim stains that are starting to show.    
Kenilworth - Brown and Bourbon (the shade of brown & bourbon on the right are the most accurate)         Kenilworth - Burgundy, Bourbon, Brown       I thinking about keeping the Brown pair as I think they're the most versatile.   My current collection consists of: Walnut McAllister Merlot McAllister Walnut Strand
Nice photo and congrats on the Daltons! I have McAllisters and Strands both in Walnut and they are different shades; McAllisters definitely being the darker of the two.
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