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They are built on the same last so they should be comparable in fit/sizing.  My feet are a little on the wide side so I have Iron Rangers in 8.5 EE and the fit is perfect.  My Beckmans are 9.5 D to accommodate for width but they are a bit too long.  I wish I could order custom Cherry Featherstone Beckmans in 8.5 EE.. As a reference I am a size 9D in the Allen Edmonds 5-last and size 9 Chucks.
 Hawthorne muleskinner IR w/ flat waxed blue Benjos. I have an extra set of flat Beckman laces but I never tried them on the IR.  
I picked up this Zenith Elite about a month ago.  The original strap was a very dark brown so I decided to change it up.       
    Thanks for the reply and making me feel better that it's not my feet that are jacked up.  Both my McAllisters have the standard leather souls.  I don't mind creases in the vamp at all and I always use shoe trees but it's weird how this small crease is forming.  Shoes trees don't extend all the way into the toe box so they don't help w/ this particular crease.  Everything else about the construction of the shoes is otherwise exceptional... I suppose I can live with it...
    I love my walnut McAllisters but there's been a crease developing in the toe region (right shoe only) that's been bothering me.. The shoes fit perfect and I also have McAllisters in merlot that have seen as much wear as the walnuts but do not exhibit creasing in the toe region.  I believe I got these from Amazon last year.  Would this be considered a defect?   Here is a pic of the merlot McAllisters.  
Great job with darkening the Walnut Strands!  I have both the McAllisters and Strands in walnut but they are different shades.  The Strands are on the lighter side, similar to your original picture, and the McAllisters are on the darker side which I think is perfect.  I'm thinking about using AE Dark Brown Premium Polish to achieve similar results to yours.  
That's the cleanest & sexiest vintage Omega I've ever seen.  The size is perfect, the clean dial, and that blue seconds hand .... simply sublime!  
They run 1/2 size big.  If you have wider feet consider 2E width when you size down.
no pop in my muleskinners.  if you try returning/exchanging at Nordstrom let us know how it works out.
  Kenilworth - Bourbon, Brown   Kenilworth - Burgundy, Bourbon, Brown
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