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Have you tried size 10 2E? That just might do the trick. If you insist on sticking with the D width I would go with the 10.5 Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
My "break-in" period wasn't that bad at all. I decided to break-in my brand new IR during a 2-week vacation in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. The IR's were the only shoes I brought along with some running shoes. I feared that the IR's might wreck my feet and I would resort to wearing my tennies the whole trip; but that wasn't the case. We did a lot of urban hiking in those two weeks. My feet were a little sore the first few days but nothing serious.  I did go 1/2 size down...
Beautiful MTO Strands everyone! Has anyone done burgundy shell Strands without the toe medallion? I think that would look pretty slick. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
Amazon carries Amber Harness and Hawthorne Muleskinner Iron Rangers in widths.On RW's website for each shoe model it shows what sizes & widths are available.
Nope, I emailed Red Wing and they said they cannot do special order/custom size EE width beckmans.  Sucks because I have Iron Rangers in 8.5 EE and they fit spot on.  I would gladly pay full retail for 8.5 EE black cherry beckmans.
Sadly, yes and yes.  I got a pair of black cherry Beckmans two years ago in size 9.5 to accommodate the the width of my feet.  Mind you my feet aren't that wide but definitely on the wider side of normal; and the Beckmans do run long and slim naturally.  I consider them broken in but they're still not as comfortable as I'd like.   Last year I bought a pair of Iron Rangers in size 8.5 EE and the fit is spot on.  According to RW the Beckmans and Iron Rangers are built on the...
They are built on the same last so they should be comparable in fit/sizing.  My feet are a little on the wide side so I have Iron Rangers in 8.5 EE and the fit is perfect.  My Beckmans are 9.5 D to accommodate for width but they are a bit too long.  I wish I could order custom Cherry Featherstone Beckmans in 8.5 EE.. As a reference I am a size 9D in the Allen Edmonds 5-last and size 9 Chucks.
 Hawthorne muleskinner IR w/ flat waxed blue Benjos. I have an extra set of flat Beckman laces but I never tried them on the IR.  
I picked up this Zenith Elite about a month ago.  The original strap was a very dark brown so I decided to change it up.       
    Thanks for the reply and making me feel better that it's not my feet that are jacked up.  Both my McAllisters have the standard leather souls.  I don't mind creases in the vamp at all and I always use shoe trees but it's weird how this small crease is forming.  Shoes trees don't extend all the way into the toe box so they don't help w/ this particular crease.  Everything else about the construction of the shoes is otherwise exceptional... I suppose I can live with it...
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