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Gents, for those that ordered a watch cap, here is a quick update:  the hats are all knit, they are now getting labels sewn in and will be shipped to me soon, hopefully monday.  there was a delay - the factory had a break in.  The thieves ignored about 200k of knitwear and the knitting machines but went into the owners office and ransacked it looking for petty cash and checks.  They stole the American Trench brand labels and care labels thinking the envelopes had checks or...
this is one of my new favorites by @NewYorkIslander - something timeless about it, makes me think of the book Angela's Ashes.  
 @FrankCowperwood that sweater is amazing, please tell me more.  when i googled "grey bart sweater" from another post, i got this...not quite the same thing: 
@velomane - yes, free shipping is Canuck friendly!  $65 USD is landed priced, Canadian VAT is buyer responsibility, yada yada.   My website chokes on international orders - email me at jhurwitz@americantrench.com with your address and color preference and I'll send you a square or paypal invoice.  
@tricky can ship to Canada no problem.  our ecom software needs an upgrade, sorry about that.  email me at jhurwitz@americantrench.com and I can send you square invoice or paypal.  
@tricky This merino is truly superfine and at a different level - it's not itchy at all.  that said, if it bothers your head you can send it back to us for a full refund.  
Hello Gents - posting this with Mike's blessing...   I'm Jacob, co-founder of American Trench and longtime Epaulet customer (1st pair of trousers in fall 2009).  It's the core values of Epaulet that have made me a customer for life - superior quality and craftsmanship from the best mills in the USA and Europe, unique fabrics, the desire keep pushing boundaries (EP sneakers!), all at a fair price.  There is another element that Mike and Adele have fostered - community....
 @toddv  Hi Todd, this is Jacob, co-founder of American Trench (I'm also an Epaulet clothing addict).  What size were you looking for?  Better question, what blazer size do you wear?  The sleeves can be shortened, although if you were going to shorten them any more than 1/2,'' I would move the straps, which can be done by a trusted tailor.  It's cotton fabric and the sleeves are lined, but any skilled tailor can alter this just like a normal garment.  I would not describe...
Uncle, stunning combo.
 size down is probably the issue for me.  I wear 42 blazer, and wearing 40 snorkel.  I do like the close fit for jacket like that.  @ComfortablyDumb if you go with Mike's sizing advice, you'll be fine.
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