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 Looks GREAT!
I agree with @bradp that @StanleyVanBuren is most likely the most interesting man in the world.  maybe a super hero?  do you have an Iron Man suit back there?  
Gents - I'm co-founder of American Trench.  Our merino watch cap was available as a pre-order via the Epaulet thread, but if anyone from this thread is interested, you can use this code to take $10 off.  SFWATCHCAP   It's 100% superfine merino from the Zegna mill in Italy, knit in Texas on seamless knitting machines.  it turned out really nice.  available at our site, americantrench.com   we also have a cotton beanie that is really great if your temp. climate is 30s to...
  Canadian Gents who ordered a watch cap - you stuff was mailed off 2 days ago.  Apologies for taking a little longer to get out the door to you, had to navigate the USPS system for international shipping.     I'm doing some research on exotic yarns, talking to a yarn spinner on possibility of a baby camel hair / cashmere blend.  Goal would be experiment with both socks and small knits like watch caps and scarves.  My baby camel hair EP blazer is the inspiration for...
Quick merino watch cap pre-order update - the caps arrived from Texas last friday and all US orders were shipped out on Monday, but the shipping department (me) had to travel for the rest of the week due to the US holiday.  I will be able to ship all Canadian and international (Norway) orders on Monday.  To our Canadian friends up north, thanks in advance for your patience.   We did make some additional colors to the original two, there is stock in silver and cobalt as...
Gents, for those that ordered a watch cap, here is a quick update:  the hats are all knit, they are now getting labels sewn in and will be shipped to me soon, hopefully monday.  there was a delay - the factory had a break in.  The thieves ignored about 200k of knitwear and the knitting machines but went into the owners office and ransacked it looking for petty cash and checks.  They stole the American Trench brand labels and care labels thinking the envelopes had checks or...
this is one of my new favorites by @NewYorkIslander - something timeless about it, makes me think of the book Angela's Ashes.  
 @FrankCowperwood that sweater is amazing, please tell me more.  when i googled "grey bart sweater" from another post, i got this...not quite the same thing: 
@velomane - yes, free shipping is Canuck friendly!  $65 USD is landed priced, Canadian VAT is buyer responsibility, yada yada.   My website chokes on international orders - email me at jhurwitz@americantrench.com with your address and color preference and I'll send you a square or paypal invoice.  
@tricky can ship to Canada no problem.  our ecom software needs an upgrade, sorry about that.  email me at jhurwitz@americantrench.com and I can send you square invoice or paypal.  
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