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 I think you misread my post. I haven't handled the uniqlo ones.
 Go to the dollar store
  It might be more helpful to just chill in a third world squat for like 10 min a day, since your problem could be due to any of a dozen things and that will help with a lot of them, including ankle mobility.
One-way ticket to Mexico
 I actually hate cotton sweats for anything but lounging around. They lose their shape really fast and if you try to work out in them they retain all the sweat, it's the worst. Here's the sweatpants for those interested: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-dry-stretch-sweatpants-138643.html#69|/men/bottoms/sweat-pants/sweat-pants/|
 I give more respect to somebody that is really strong than to someone who looks good in a suit, personally. Plus it takes a long time for that to even matter, I still fit in a lot of designer clothes without issue - half the people online complaining about clothes not fitting are either humble-bragging or at the tail end of a bulk. Do you need to wear a suit every day for work or something? PRed on pendlay rows last night with the flu lol
 The proportions look weird to me here. I don't really want to start another two pages of discussion about it, but the fullness of the double-breasted coat isn't jiving with the sharp taper of the trousers. I think you need something fuller, probably with a pressed crease and minimal break. Coat is fantastic, though.
 It's easy to veer into sloppy territory though, especially if you have much in the way of shoulders/chest. It's more complicated than just sizing up one for everything IMO
 What size are you? I had several for sale, all but one sold but I think I have another one tucked away.
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