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Wait. Are you guys confusing incline for DECLINE bench? Decline (head lower than feet) bench will always be higher.
 That's super weird, I am back to doing 185x5 on the flat bench but can only do 100x8 on the incline, although I just started doing them. Are you doing them right?
  I'd agree, eventually, but for right now I have a hard time believing that 85 lbs at any rep range will do much.  I have a chronic lower back issue as well, and find that it's very safe as long as you have enough supporting muscle to keep the weight from actually compressing your spine. I'd probably do pistol squats and lunges as the primary leg exercises, and slowly creep up the weight in the ~5-8 rep range on front squats, bailing out if there is any spinal pressure....
 I think you should stay in the 5-rep range until you're squatting a lot more. I'm not as strong as many ITT but I haven't had any issues at all with clothes not fitting.  I can't wear some pants, but I never could do super slim thighs anyways.  Also started doing incline bench for 3x8 and for some reason it seems to be giving me really good results in the shoulders 
Love that sinnedk wears head-to-toe Rick but doesn't like gym fits
I'll give it a shot your way!
 It's the booze. Slow down lol
Sipang is that green coat dvn? Linen? Looks neat.
@StanleyVanBuren I think to make the loafers work you have to introduce some more pizzaz, my issue with them in most of your fits is that the rest is basically business casual.  For example, I'd rather see them with rolled-up jeans showing some ankle or pressed wool pants with no break, a tee, and a margiela blazer, instead of baggy chinos and a gingham shirt, you know? Your vacation photos looked great so I think most of us are aware that you dress well 90% of the time.
I went TTS on those too, they're loose but like not in the forefoot if that makes sense so I wouldn't size down
New Posts  All Forums: