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I'm fairly certain the whole mattress thing is a giant marketing scam. My mattress is 25 years old, hard, and shaped like a wedge and I don't really have any issues sleeping on it. Humans were fine for a hundred thousand years sleeping on leaves or whatever.
 I can't stand pure cotton because it won't hold its shape. Uniqlo underwear is not the best, though; the legs always ride up and it's really annoying. I haven't actually found a better brand that isn't $30 a pair :/
 Word, I will look into that. 
Oh. It's a generic 250mg
 I take whole foods brand generic 5mg melatonin tablets, and usually take 2-4 depending on how awake I am. 
http://www.yoox.com/us/49142623HD/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=49142623HD&sizeId=4   Dries Van Noten wool suit, size 40. I am fairly certain it fits TTS, probably like a 33 waist.
 I take magnesium every day, along with fish oil. It's good for you but it doesn't put me to sleep like melatonin does.  Yeah, it was a total stroke of luck just from googling for SNS blankets last winter.
 This is my favorite from you, I think.
 We use it differently, thus the discrepancy. I don't typically have sleep problems, so I use melatonin very sparingly if I've been out partying and need an extra boost to fall asleep, or if I've had a stressful night with a lot of shit to do the next day, or something. I don't think I've ever tried to take it two nights in a row. I think I'm going on a long trip soon with a lot of hostel stays, which can be a bitch to sleep in, so I might ask my doc for some xanex or...
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