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 The train goes to Allston? I only ever go to Allston for weird afterparties and always have a ride.
 I don't really have a way to get to allston/brighton :/
I really liked Inherent Vice. It doesn't make much sense (slightly less sense than the book) but that doesn't really matter.
 Haha, I thought this was running, and I was like that's pretty good man...
 This is a bit like hating on Stephen Colbert for having ill-formed political views, though.
 Riff Raff is sort of a parody, only he's way better than most parodies because he never breaks character. I actually think it's genius.
 I think you misread my post. I haven't handled the uniqlo ones.
 Go to the dollar store
  It might be more helpful to just chill in a third world squat for like 10 min a day, since your problem could be due to any of a dozen things and that will help with a lot of them, including ankle mobility.
One-way ticket to Mexico
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