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 I have to question this advice for anyone who isn't a powerlifter. The purpose of having a huge back arch is purely to put up higher numbers by shortening the ROM of the lift so that you don't have to bring the bar down as low, right? So if you're not just trying to put up numbers and just want to get stronger, you'll want the larger range of motion, I'd think.
100% soft wool, purchased new by me and in excellent condition. Dark green with a navy blue stripe down the arms.   This is stretchy, I'd say it fits a true 40.   Pit to pit: 20" Shoulder to shoulder: 16" Arm: 25.5" Back: 26"
55% silk / 45% cashmere. Fabric is sprayed to give it a beautiful deep jade color that didn't really translate in the photos. Excellent condition, purchased new and only worn a couple times.   Pit to Pit: 20" Shoulder to shoulder: 16.5" Arm: 27" Back: 25"
Great condition. Two pockets at the waist.   This is meant to fit a bit oversized, so the sizing is forgiving. Size 50.   Pit to pit: 22" Shoulder to shoulder: 19" Arm: 26" Back: 27"
These haven't been worn much, maybe 10 times. The inside heel and sole are in perfect condition, and otherwise these is a spot on one of the laces that I'd imagine would come out very easily. I can wash it out prior to sale if it's an issue.
I bought these new and wore them about three times; you can see that there is zero wear on the soles. They fit true to size.   The slight scuffs you see near the toes are just dust, not stains, so they should come out with a damp cloth. I'll even do it for you if you like :)   Will ship with box, but may have to charge for shipping if you are outside the US.
 Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'll be moving too fast to get a gym membership. Do you have a recommendation for bands? I have some but they don't provide nearly enough resistance.
 Who else is in Boston? How's your back doing? I'm strongly considering buying a one-way ticket into Mexico in early spring/late winter, meeting up with this girl I met in Hawaii for a couple weeks, and then slowly traveling Central and South America. Biggest open question is how do I maintain an exercise regimen while doing that... I guess get creative?
 I've been good! What's up brahs. I just got back from two weeks in Hawaii where I did a ton of swimming / hiking / camping / jumping off cliffs / rappelling off mountains and such; real glad I got into fitness because I wouldn't have been able to do 90% of that. Since July or so I've been doing yoga 3x+ a week with only 1-2 gym days. It's been really nice but I think I lost a bit of upper body strength. I'm actually right at this moment trying to build a 2x gym day/week...
I picked up the new 24mm pancake lens from Canon for a trip to Hawaii and I love it. Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a lightweight travel lens that takes sharp photos at a really good price.
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